Neptune International @ 1976 Olympic Pool - Montreal, QC

May 20, 2022 - May 22, 2022
May, 20 2022



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Finalized (mostly) Information for Montreal Travel Trip

 Hi all.

Please find below the finalized information for our upcoming trip to Montreal.
We will be staying at the:
Comfort Inn South Shore
96 Boulevard de Mortagne
Boucherville, Quebec
(450) 641-2880
All the rooms the kids are staying in are double queens.  There is free WIFI, and refrigerators in every room (kids can bring some comfort foods - provided they are not fruits, and raw meats and poultry.  You can always check to see what is allowed over the border and what is not).  Breakfast is included.
We will be taking a chartered bus leaving from Cedarland at 3:00pm on Thursday (5/19) and returning home after the meet on Sunday (5/22).  When we have a general idea on arrival time back to Cedarland we will have the kids text (probably once we cross the border).
NOTE:  We will try and have a pick up/drop off at the Hooksett Rest Areas for New Hampshire families but I can not guarantee that right now.  If and when I know for sure if that is happening I will give everyone a heads up.
Border Crossing:
There are a number of things that are important with regards to crossing the Canadian Border.  The following things are absolutely necessary to travel:
  • proof of double vaccination (there are exceptions to this if you are 11 or Under)
  • written permission that Lori is your child's guardian to cross the border - Lori will provide this form in a forthcoming email.
In addition to needing a passport - all travelers must download the ArriveCAN app (free in APP stores for Apple, and Android) and provide the mandatory travel information.  Your athlete(s) will not gain access to Canada without downloading this app and providing the travel information required.
Other COVID Policies:
Athletes are required to wear masks at all times in public while in Canada.  It is mandatory in public areas of the hotel, on the coach bus, and on the pool deck and relevant aquatic center areas.
Please bring extra masks as your athlete(s) will likely lose one or two and cannot be without one with the exception of in their rooms.
The facility we will be swimming at is the 1976 Olympic Pool.  It is a fantastic pool and facility - and frankly still leaves me in awe (even after being there a few times) every time I step on deck.  The history at the pool is rich and the swimming is fast.  It is an opportunity that I know Lori and I are proud to offer the kids as it is truly a unique experience - from swimming in a pool that Mark Spitz competed in, to the curved beams on the ceiling providing a true challenge in backstroke, to the kids having to listen to the starters instructions in French - it is truly unlike any other meet we go to throughout the year.  Sufficient to say - we are super excited to be going back after a couple of COVID years.
There will be limited spectator seating in the event that parents want to travel up and watch their athletes swim.
In the event that parents do travel to the meet please keep in mind that this is a team travel meet and the kids should be learning about how to be self sufficient.  A casual greeting is never a bad thing - but it's really important that the kids aren't coming to you for anything that other athletes (who do not have their parents there) are getting.  This most commonly includes food but some athletes also look to their parents for comfort, drinks, race feedback, etc.  As we prepare these kids for college swimming (or just improving the level they are currently at) I can not stress enough how important it is that they learn to navigate these things themselves.  If you have questions in that regard - I am always free to answer them.
Entries are posted on the website.  Please remember these are preliminary and subject to change.  Additionally, there are relay entries but participants on those relays won't be decided until day of the event.
Meet Information:
Meet Information is posted on the website.  The meet information is in half French (left side) and half English (right side).
The cost for the trip is $510.  While we understand this was on the high side of what we expected between the cost of the gas and the charter bus driver shortage - we were lucky it wasn't more expensive.  Trip fees will be run on Tuesday (5/17) at around noon time.  
As always if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.



1976 Olympic Pool