2022 PN VAST Summer Sprints & Distance Challenge

Jun 4, 2022 - Jun 5, 2022 (07:00 PM)
May, 15 2022


Updates from meet host (May 24th, 2022): (more updates coming with final timeline, etc)

The tentative timeline:

Saturday, June 4th:

Session #1: 10 & unders: all pre seeded

8 Am warm-up, 8:50 start time, over around 11:15 AM

Session #2: 11-12, 50’s are preseeded, positive check in for 100’s and above,

11:15 warm-up, meet starts at 12:05, over around 2:40

Session #3: 13 & over 50’s are preseeded, positive check for 100s and above,

2:35 warm-up, 3:30 start time, over around 7 PM.



I anticipate the start and end times could adjust just a touch as we figure out if its worth it to go double ended (sometimes it is not with so many 50’s in the meet) and if there is enough staffing. 


Session #4: is set to be done around noon with the mile and then whatever additional time we add with the extra heats.


Please let me know if you have any questions. The meet is in the resanctioning process and I will send an email on later this week with timing assignments, psych sheet, tentative timeline, process for Sunday “time trials”, and anything else you might need.