Everything IM

Jul 27, 2022 (04:30 PM) - Jul 28, 2022 (06:00 PM)
July, 20 2022
Sand Hollow A Group (10:00),Sand Hollow A Group (9:00),Sand Hollow B Group (10:00),Sand Hollow B Group (9:00),Sand Hollow C Group (10:00),Sand Hollow C Group (9:00),Summer High School Training (June-July),Summit A/B Group (6 PM),Summit A Group (10:30),Summit A Group (8:30),Summit A Group (9:30),Summit B Group (10:30),Summit B Group (8:30),Summit B Group (9:30),Summit C Group (10:30),Summit C Group (8:30),Summit C Group (9:30),WCCC A Group (8:30),WCCC A Group (9:30),WCCC B Group (8:30),WCCC B Group (9:30),WCCC C Group (8:30),WCCC C Group (9:30) (CANCELED,CHILD is a member of Summit Athletic Club,CHILD is NOT a member of Summit,Sand Hollow (SHAC),Washington)



This clinic, taught by our experienced coaches, will focus on the technical skills required for swimming the individual medley event.  Stroke mechanics and correct turn technique will be emphasized to prepare swimmers for higher levels of swimming.  Coaches will utilize in-water video to give individual correction.

Open to swimmers in A, B, C or High School Development groups (or equivalent).  Limited to 24 swimmers.

*Please note: your credit card will be charged for this clinic after the registration deadline.  Deadline is July 20.  No refunds will be issued for failure to attend.  You can cancel your registration prior to July 20 by selecting "not attend."