CWAC Family Commitment - LCM 2022

Apr 9, 2022 - Jul 10, 2022
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July 9, 2022
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Chicago Wolfpack Aquatic Club Family Commitment Agreement

CWAC swimmers love to compete, and CWAC anticipates hosting two large home swim meets during the long course season (May 21-22 and July 9-10) as well as our Intrasquad meet on May 7.  In order to provide our children these wonderful opportunities to compete, we need volunteers! Therefore, each CWAC member family is required to commit to supporting our CWAC-hosted meets. This commitment is required as a condition of membership, and applies to all families, regardless of whether the family's swimmer(s) participates in that meet. The terms of the policy are as follows:

The season’s mandatory commitment per family is as follows:

  • Each family must earn 2 volunteer points (no matter how many swimmers)
  • Any family with a parent who is an active USA Swimming Official needs to earn zero points

Families will have the opportunity to sign up online for sessions to meet their volunteer requirement for our meets. If families have a conflict and are unable to volunteer at meets, they may sign-up at the beginning of the season to volunteer for another CWAC non-meet activity.

Once you have committed to the job, you will be responsible for finding your own replacement(s) or finding another family to switch with if you are unable to fulfill requirements.

Missed sessions will be billed per the standards outlined below (penalties). For answers to common questions about volunteering, please read the FAQ below

Penalties for Missed Volunteer Shifts and/or Arriving Late - Note that this is not a financial opt-out provision. CWAC needs every work session filled to run meets properly and this requires all of our members to participate and show up on time. We need you and your energy!

  • $150 per session will be billed for each missed session.
  • You will also be charged a $25 fee if you arrive late (15 minutes or more) for your shift.
  • If your volunteer position has been filled by the time you arrive, you will be charged for a full missed shift.
  • If you have 3 or more missed sessions your swimmer may be suspended from the team.
  • Additional missed volunteer sessions are cause for permanent dismissal of the family from CWAC.

Member families who do not comply with the terms outlined above will have their membership and swimmer’(s)’ swimming privileges suspended. Reinstatement will only be permitted after settlement of any outstanding fees associated with this pledge and a request in writing of the Head Coach. There are no exceptions to these provisions.

I certify that I have read the Parent Volunteer policy in full, understand the terms explained within and will abide by the requirements or accept the penalties for missed session detailed above.

Common Volunteering Questions

Working meets gives you, as parents, an opportunity to be involved in the sport in which your children participate. We need you. They need you. It’s fun, and you get the best seat in the house!

How Many Meets Does CWAC Host? CWAC typically hosts two big meets during the long course season along with our intrasquad meet. CWAC families will be required to fulfill their mandatory volunteer shifts at our home meets (and there are also a number of non-meet volunteer opportunities.)

The meets we host this year are scheduled for:

  1. CWAC Intrasquad (12&Under) May 7, 2022 - click here
  2. CWAC May Madness – May 21-22, 2022 - click here
  3. CWAC Summer Sizzle – July 9-10, 2022 - coming soon

What is the mandatory commitment per Family?

A family must earn 2 points (no matter the number of swimmers).  A point is the equivalent of one meet session.  Any family with a parent who is an active USA Swimming Official needs to earn zero additional points

Can I Sign Up for Any Shifts I Would Like?

Yes and no. Parents are required to sign up online for the shifts to fulfill their volunteer requirements for the season. Many parents like to volunteer during the session in which their athlete swims. Online volunteer signup is first come, first-served. When spots are filled, choose from remaining available slots. We strongly encourage you to volunteer for at least 1 session per meet at the CWAC May and July meets as these are our largest meets and require all hands on deck. Once all families have signed up for their shifts, it may become necessary to shuffle some volunteers around in order for us to successfully run the meets.

I Am New to the Team. Which Are the Most Appropriate Jobs for Me?

Please consult the Job Descriptions to identify jobs that are suitable for new families (indicated by **) and those that require training.

Help! I Have Learned I Can’t Work My Shift

If volunteer signups are still open, you can log in and remove your name. Be sure to sign up for a new shift to ensure you meet your volunteer requirement. If volunteer signups are closed, you are responsible for either having a substitute work in your place (an aunt, a babysitter, etc.) or finding someone to switch with you. Once you have a solution, please update the website with who will be there.  Once sessions have been signed up for, it is up to parents to find a replacement if something prevents them from working. Missed sessions will be billed.

Who Can Volunteer?

Those 14 years of age or older may work a session. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, or sisters – even the babysitter – as long as they are capable of doing the job. Keep in mind that husbands and wives can work the same session, thereby earning credit for working two sessions.


  • Announcer – 1 point
  • Awards / Heat Winner – 1 point
  • Coach Check-In – 1 point
  • **Concessions – 1 point
  • Gear Sales / Distribution – 1 point
  • Hospitality – 1 point
  • Marshall – 1 point
  • Official – requires training and certification and exempts families from volunteer requirement
  • **Runner – 1 point
  • **Set Up / Break Down / Clean Up Crew – 1 point
  • **Timers – 1 point
  • Timing Operator – 1 point
  • Volunteer Check-In – 1 point

**Good for new families

Meet Hospitality Supervisor – 2 points

Meet Volunteer Supervisor – 2 points

Some meets we attend might have timing opportunities and this would be an opportunity as well to earn points.


  • Award Sorting & Ribbon Distribution – 1 point
  • Event / Party Planner – 2 points (1 per group to organize events for the group)
  • New Member Liaison – 2 points (1 for 10&U, 11-12, 13-14, 15&O to answer any questions from new members)
  • Photographer / Social Media – 2 points
  • DEI Coordinator - 2 points