2022 ASC Summer High Point Swim Meet **TEAM EFFORT**

Jun 17, 2022 - Jun 19, 2022
May, 28 2022


Aberdeen Swim Club Summer High Point Swim Meet--Long Course Meters

1. This is a team-effort meet and the first of only three regular-season meets available before championships. All Stingrays are encouraged to participate.  

2. At this stage of the season, our priorities are to diversify stroke and distance and race as many events as allowed.  

3. The meet-event file is set up to convert all times to LCM, so our swimmers will likely be seeded in a converted SCY time. SCY conversions are usually difficult to beat, especially for more experienced swimmers, so I encourage our athletes to know their LCM PRs and use those, not their converted SCY times, as their reference points. Beyond that, because this is early in the training cycle and the first meet of the season, many swimmers will struggle to swim PRs. It is important that athletes realize this phenomenon and adjust their expectations accordingly. If they practice vigorously and intentionally and race with determination, they will be successful, regardless of what their time says.  

4. Coaches will select the swimmers' events (Seniors may select a preliminary line-up with the understanding that the coaches will make the final selections). 

5. Swimmers with high-priority events should list those on the Notes window; coaches will accommodate those requests as much as possible. At this stage of the season, our priorities are to diversify stroke and distance and race as many events as allowed.  

6. If your swimmer is unavailable for certain sessions, please list those in the Notes window. If there are no restrictions on a swimmer's availability noted, coaches will enter him or her in all appropriate sessions. 

7. The entry deadline is Saturday, May 28.


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All visiting registered Officials are welcome to volunteer and your help is greatly appreciated. Remember that the official dress will be white polo shirts over black shorts or black pants and black shoes. On Saturday, officials may wear the purple official shirt in honor of Bryce Iwerks and Mike Miller. If you have volunteered in the past and already have a purple shirt, please bring yours with you on that day. If you don't have one yet, we will be handing those out before the start of the session on Saturday. Thank you!