05.27.22 Shark Races

May 27, 2022
May, 25 2022
Blue SHARKS M/W 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS M/W 6:30-7:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 5:30-6:30,Blue SHARKS T/R 6:30-7;30,Bull SHARKS M/W 3:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 4:15,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:00,Bull SHARKS M/W 5:45,Bull SHARKS M/W 6:30,Bull SHARKS M/W 7:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 3:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 4:15,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:00,Bull SHARKS T/R 5:45,Bull SHARKS T/R 6:30,Bull SHARKS T/R 7:15,Dusky SHARKS,Hammerhead SHARKS 1,Hammerhead SHARKS 2,Leopard SHARKS M/W 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS M/W 7:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 1:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 12:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 2:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 3:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 4:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 5:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 6:30 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:00 up,Leopard SHARKS T/R 7:30 up,Mako SHARKS,Sand SHARKS M/W 3:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 4:15,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:00,Sand SHARKS M/W 5:45,Sand SHARKS M/W 6:30,Sand SHARKS M/W 7:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 3:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 4:15,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:00,Sand SHARKS T/R 5:45,Sand SHARKS T/R 6:30,Sand SHARKS T/R 7:15,Tiger SHARKS (AKS,Westminster)


SHARK RACES - Friday, May 27!

Warm-up @ 5:00 PM & Start @ 5:30 PM!

Please sign in to your account and declare "YES or NO" to swim in the RACES! Coach Sara's Leopard SHARKS MUST have approval from her to race in Shark Races!

PARENTS: Volunteers are required to help operate the races! Please volunteer when asked at the RACES!

SOFLO Registered Parents and Swimmers: SOFLO Volunteer hours are earned for volunteering at SHARK Races! Please sign-up for jobs on Monday-Thursday the week prior to the Races on the job sign-up list at the pool!

EVERY family MUST bring a 2-liter drink and a healthy side dish OR dessert! Coach Lou will provide Pizza for all!!!

We will be having the Italian Ice National Swimmer Fundraiser during the Races as well!

The Entry Deadline is Wednesday, May 25th!!!