Marinwood Waterdevils @ Sleepy Hollow Sea Lions

May 21, 2022 (08:30 AM) - May 21, 2022 (02:00 PM)
May, 17 2022


Dual Meets at Sleepy Hollow Pool 2022


The Sea Lions welcome you to Sleepy Hollow!

Head Coach: Mark Anderson

Assistant Coach: Keenan Anderson


    • 7:45 to 8:15 am: Visiting Team warm-up
    • 8:10 am: Visiting Team’s Stroke & Turn and Relay Exchange Judges check-in with our referee
    • 8:20 am: Timers' meeting with our referee and SHST Head Timer.
    • 8:15 - 8:25 am: Team cheers
    • 8:25 am:  Introduction to the meet and singing of the National Anthem
    • 8:30 am: Swim meet starts promptly


    • SHST warm-up from 7:15 - 7:45am
    • Visiting Team warm-up from 7:45 - 8:15am


    • Parking at our pool is in the surrounding neighborhood. We ask that everyone be careful not to block any bike lanes, driveways or mailboxes and avoid No Parking Zones. The neighbors have been known to call the Sheriff to ticket and/or tow illegally parked cars and we don't want any unwelcome surprises at the end of the meet.
    • There will be an unloading area in front of the Clubhouse where you can drop your swimmers and then find parking.


    • 6 lane pool configuration.
    • Starting blocks in the deep end of the pool.
    • Fly over starts may be used at this meet.  The referee will advise the teams' Head Coaches before they are used and make an announcement.
    • 8 & Unders start at the deep end of the pool.  They may choose to dive off the blocks or the edge of the pool.
    • 8 & Under backstroke swimmers will start in the shallow end of the pool.
    • Swimmers of the 2nd and 4th legs of the 8 & Under relays will start in the pool at the shallow end.  There will be no diving in the shallow end.


  • TIMERS:  
    • The Head Timer/Volunteer Coordinator from each team is responsible for coordinating his/her volunteers.
    • All Timers behind starting blocks by 8:15 AM.  Timers' meeting at 8:20 with the referee and SHST Head Timer.
    • There will be NO BREAK between backstroke and breaststroke in an effort to keep the meet moving on schedule.
    • Home Team will have two timers per lane in lanes 1 through 6 (12 timers total per shift plus 1 alternate)
    • Visiting Team will have one timer per lane in lanes 1 through 6 (6 timers total per shift plus 1 alternate)
    • SHST reserves the right to consolidate heats as needed.  The meet referee will make an announcement if this time-saving action is to occur.


    • Visiting Team’s Stroke & Turn and Relay Exchange Judges check-in at 8:10 AM with our referee.
    • Please remember there is NO BREAK between backstroke and breaststroke.


    • Meet referee: depends on the meet. You can always confirm at the volunteer table.
    • Our head coach is Mark Anderson.  Assistant Coach is Keenan Anderson.


    • During swim meets, each swimmer is expected to be ready to swim when his or her heat is called.
    • The area around the blocks (deep-end) is small and only swimmers and timers are allowed.  Absolutely NO parents are permitted in this area of the pool deck during the swim meet.


    • We will designate an area on the pool deck as well as the grassy area to the right of the path for your team but you can also set up in the courtyard area.
    • Feel free to bring tents and chairs to make yourselves comfortable.


    • The Sea Lions have a great snack bar offering breakfast and lunch. We start serving Peet's coffee, Good Earth breakfast burritos, donuts and bagels at 7:30 AM.  For lunch we will have hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes and fresh Caesar salad.  We accept both cash and credit. 


    • From San Rafael, take 3rd Street towards San Anselmo. 3rd Street will merge into Red Hill Ave (also called the Miracle Mile).  Keeping right through the Hub in San Anselmo, continue on Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  After Archie Williams School on left, stay in the right lane and turn right onto Butterfield Road.  The Pool is on the left side of the street at 1317 Butterfield Rd.