Merced Skimmers 2022 Race Day #2

Jun 24, 2022 (05:00 PM) - Jun 24, 2022 (07:30 PM)
June, 22 2022


Parents: This event will be held at Merced College and is open to  EVERYONE  on the club regardless of age or experience.  It will be a great opportunity to have some fun and practice a little very low-key racing close to home.  Friends and family are welcome and encouraged to come watch.  There will be no practice for any group on this date.  See notes below for how to register your athlete.  All groups should arrive at 5:00pm for warm-up.  Racing will start approximately 5:30pm and will last about  90 minutes.  A

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT:    Once logged in to your family account on the Skimmers home page, click on “Events”.  Under the “Merced Skimmers 2022 Race Day #2” event, click on “Edit Commitment”.   On the athlete sign up page, click on your athlete’s name.   Use the “Declaration” drop down box to indicate “Yes” if they will attend or “No” if they will not.  Click “Save Changes” in the lower right hand corner.  There is a comment box if you want to send the coaches a message with regard to your athlete's attendance.  The coaches will pick the events that your athletes will swim.