Nutrition Series (12 and Under) Workshop #1

May 16, 2022 (07:00 PM) - May 16, 2022 (08:15 PM)
May, 16 2022
Igniters CRC,Igniters RRC,Junior Performance,Olympic Way (Competitive,Non Competitive / Olympic Way)


We are excited to announce two Workshops to help all swimmers, parents, and coaches to improve their nutrition knowledge and habits over the next few weeks! 

Emilie Comtois-Rousseau (M.Sc. RD) will be hosting interactive and practical virtual nutrition workshops tailored to competitive swimmers’ needs

Each workshop is 60-75 minutes in duration and will be held through ZOOM. 

The workshops will cover different themes ranging from strategies to assemble a simple meal, to food processing and food labelling, pre-during-post training nutrition strategies and other topics such as body image or supplements. 

You are encouraged to attend workshops associated with your age group, we have two categories; 12 years and under and 13 years and older. 

Zoom meeting link

ID meeting: 739 962 3067
Access Code: X97prK