2023 AKSI House of Delegates Meeting, XX Anchorage

Apr 22, 2023 (11:00 AM) - Apr 22, 2023 (03:00 PM)
April, 22 2023


DEADLINES for Division Heads, Coordinators, and Committee Chairs:

February 20: PROPOSALS for the House due(   Bylaws state 60 days out from HOD)

  • Legislative Coordinator Publication of Proposals for HOD review: March 13th
  • Any proposal received after February 15th must receive 9/10 House vote to be brought to the floor.
  • Proposal Template can be found   HERE

March 31:      REPORTS from     Division Head, Coordinators, and      Committee Chairs

March 24:      NOMINATIONS for Slate of Candidates due in March 29th      Upcoming Positions 

  • Governance Committee Publication of Slate of Candidates: April 1st (  Bylaws state 20 days out from HOD)
  • Governance Committee is charged with presenting a vetted Slate for Delegate consideration. They search for qualified candidates with needed skillsets, availability, and interest.  Ability, willingness, and desire to perform the role are factors for consideration and acceptance of a vetted nomination. If  there is no candidate put forward on the Slate or another candidate is preferred, floor nominations can be made.

Positions that are up for election this HOD:

  • Administrative Vice Chair
  • Age Group Vice Chair
  • DEI Chair
  • Safesport/Ops Risk Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Odd Year Athlete Rep
  • Technical Planning Coordinator
  • Times Chair Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Legislative Coordinator
  • Officials Coordinator
  • Adaptive Coordinator
  • Junior Coach Rep
  • GovCom Seat C
  • GovCom Seat D


Proposal and Candidate Slate deadlines are Bylaw directed in order for the Delegation to be informed and prepared for the annual meeting, with adequate time to review and consider the proposals and the vetted Candidates whom they are electing put forward by the Governance Committee.

(Questions/Submissions: [email protected])

2022: FLYER PDF (with links)






  • Roll Call (Secretary, Jodi McLaughlin)
  • General Chair Opening Remarks  (Bob Foy)
  • Consent Agenda:
    • Accept 2022 HOD Minutes
    • 2023 Agenda Changes
    • 2023 Division, Committee, Coordinator, and Chair Reports
      • See submissions posted below after March 31 Deadline
      • Delegates have a responsibility to review these submissions and ask any questions prior to approving the Consent Agenda.
  • DivisionStanding  and Operational  Committee, and Coordinator Reports
  • Administrative Division--David Kolberg
    • Membership/Registration
    • Legislative Coordinator, Equipment, Bylaws, RRPP, Legal, PR&Special Events, Secretary, Election
  • Senior Vice Chair Division--Scott Griffith
    • Officials--Cathy Foy
    • Sanctions/Meet Management—Susan Oakley
    • Times Chair, Hall of Fame, Safety
    • Awards—Process, Criteria, Pre and Post Announcements, ballots—Kevin Knox
  • Age Group Vice Chair Division--Maggie Rochealau
    • Zones Committee--Maggie Rocheleau
    • Technical Planning—Patrick Garrity
    • Adaptive--Cristan McLain, Camps, Time Standards
  • Finance Chair Division—Fiona Yiu
    • Finance Committee--Fiona Yiu
      • Treasurer Report--Wendy Kolberg
      • Budget Proposal
    • Taxes, Audit, Marketing/Sponsorship
  • Athlete Committee --Megan McLaughlin
  • Governance Committee--Sean McLaughlin
  • Other Reports
    • Safesport and Operational Risk—Stephanie Snyder
    • DEI—Maggie Rocheleau
    • Coach Rep—Kevin Knox
    • Area Vice Chairs: Ray Oakley (CAS), Ashley Poulin (SC), Lisa Gassman (SE), Jennifer Young (NA)
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
    • Proposed Legislation (Please read prior to meeting) 
    • Budget Approval
    • 2024 Championship Meet Review according to the Policies and Procedures
    • Elections: ~1 minute per candidate if desired to introduce 
    • Awards:
      • Conoco Phillips Service Award
      • Officials Awards
      • Age Group Coach of the Year
      • Senior Coach of the Year
      • Female and Male Athlete of the Year
      • ASI Awards Presentation
        • Highest percent increase in membership
        • Most members registered
        • Most Officials on team
        • Most Officials registered in an Area

Any Additional Agenda Items to AKSI Secretary by April 5th, 2023.




April 22, 2023

(directly follows HOD meeting)

  • Schedule ASI Meetings
    • Sunday, October 8, 2023 7pm, Teleconference
    • Thursday, February 15, 2024, 7pm, in ???
    • Saturday, April 20, 2024 in Anchorage
  • USAS Convention, September, 2024 XXX in XXX
    • (General Chair, Admin Vice Chair, Age Group Chair, Senior Coach Rep, Athlete Reps-2)
  • State Championships
    • Summer Long Course Champs—ASI Hosts
      • July 22-24. 2022
      • July 28-30, 2023
    • 10&U State Champs (postal)
      • March 1-31, 2024
    • Senior Champs—Northern Area Hosts
      • January 26-28, 2024
    • Age Group Champs—Central? South Central? 
      • Feb 16-18, 2024
    • JOs—Central Area Hosts
      • April 25-28, 2024
  • Final Business