2nd Dual Meet vs Riverwalk (Away)

Jun 25, 2022 (07:00 AM) - Jun 25, 2022 (12:00 PM)
June, 22 2022
June 23, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


Seahawks and Seahawk Parents:

We are getting ready for hosting our 2nd dual meet and first hosted meet of the 2019 season, and as you can tell, the activity level is increasing in intensity. 

Please note the Meet will start at 7:55am. We are the visiting and therefore, we are 2nd warmups.  The Host Team, warm up begins early at 7:15am. Our swimmers must check in with the coaches poolside by 7:00AM. We will be in the water from 7:30am to 7:45am

Here are a few notes as we get ready for the second Meet:

Setup:  We will be sitting on the left side of the pool from our clubhouse. Seating is limited and we need an area for our Zoo, so help keep some of the chairs available for the Zoo to sit swimmers as they get ready for their swims. Greenbrier CC Zoo will be next to the end nearest the gate, to the left as you walk out of their clubhouse. . Parents are welcome to bring their own chairs to set up next to the far side of the pool to watch the meet and have a place for their swimmers to stay in or you may sit against the fence under the trees.

Parking:  We will be parking in the small parking lot near the pool and there is also parking along the streets near the club. We haven't had too many problems with parking in past. I would plan on a finish time of around noon, but hopefully we can keep things moving fast and get done by 11am.

Here are a few notes as we get ready for Saturday:

·       After Practice:  We will have a team Pep Rally Friday (4:50)to get ready for the meet.  There will be activities for the swimmers and hopefully an opportunity to cool off. We also need to help set up for the meet before the meet. This is a job on the Job Sign Up page.  With pool hours going later, there will be less that we can do to set up for Saturday then we have done in the past. We will need help in the morning prior to the meet to set up chairs, etc.

·       Job Sign Ups:  We will be using the Job Sign up feature on the website, so parents need to go online and sign up for a job for the meet. We are requiring parents to work at 4 or more meets this summer.  We may be charging a fee for those families who can't help volunteer at the meets. 

·       Pop Up Tents:  We have a limited number of pop up tents and do not have enough for our requirements in the heat or of it is rainyIf you have a pop up tent, please consider bringing it tomorrow morning so that you can use it.  Any additional shade would be appreciated. Some seating is under trees/shade, but we aren't certain about rain at this point.

·       Officials:  Stroke and Turn and Timers.  We still have open slots.  The meet will not run without all positions filled.

·       Inclement Weather:  Unless we have a huge storm, the meet will go as scheduled.  We will delay the meet if there is thunder and lightning in the area, or if it is raining so hard that officials cannot see the bottom of the pool.  Both are for the safety of all.  Please watch your e-mail if you are in doubt.  If there is no update, assume that the meet is going on schedule.

·       Please check in with the coaches at 7:05am on Saturday morning at the gateWe have our warm up starting at 7:15am.  Timers and stoke and turn officials also have a meeting at 7:30. 

Go Seahawks,

The Seahawk Board