SwimRVA Success BBell

Jun 4, 2022 - Jun 6, 2022
May, 21 2022



BASS Families, 

Sign-ups for the SwimRVA Success BBell are open for swimmers who are swimming with BASS throughout the summer. The deadline for signups is midnight, Saturday, May 21, 2022. The meet will be held at CSAC, 5050 Ridgedale Parkway, Richmond, VA. The meet dates are June 4-5, 2022. 

This meet will be swum on the 50 meter course. 

  • All 13 & over swimmers will swim in morning session on Saturday and Sunday.  
  • All 12 & Under swimmers will swim in the afternoon session Saturday and Sunday.  
  • Open to all athletes who are registered with USA Swimming before the first day of the meet. 
  • Entries are limited to “BB” times and slower. 
  • 2021 – 2024 NAG time standards are in effect. 
  • Athletes are limited to four (4) events per day.

This meet is NOT included in your swim dues. There is $9.00 per event entry fee, and a $2.50 per swimmer surcharge.

Swimmers may enter a MAXIMUM of 4 individual events per day.    

To sign up for this meet: 

  1. Log into your account at
  2. At the bottom of the Home page, locate the tab labeled “Swim Meet”. 
  3. Click the “Edit Commitment button to the left of the “Jim Frye Memorial Long Course Invitational” meet title. 
  4. For EACH swimmer you are registering for this meet: 
    1. Click their name under the “Click on Member Name to declare for this Event” section. 
    2. In the Declaration drop down, select “Yes, please sign <Name> up for this event.” 
    3. Meet information will appear. 
    4. Scroll down until you see the meet events for each Day and Session of the meet.  Only the events in which your swimmer may enter will appear.  Don’t worry if there are NTs in the Best Time column.  These are USA swim times.  If this is your first year with BASS, your swimmer will not have any times. 
    5. Check the box for each event in which you want to enter your swimmer. Entry maximums are listed above. 
    6. When your swimmer has selected the events in which they want to swim, click the Save Changes button at the bottom right of the form.  You will return to the meet registration page.  Your swimmer will be “Committed” and you will see the events entered. 
    7. You may change your entries prior to the entry date.  Follow steps a-f. 
    8. If you have multiple swimmers, perform steps a-f for EACH swimmer attending the meet. 
  5. If your swimmer is NOT attending the meet: 

Click their name under the “Click on Member Name to declare for this event” section. 

  1. In the Declaration drop down, select “No, thanks, <Name> will NOT attend this event.” 
  2. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the form. You will return to the meet registration page. Your swimmer will be “Declined”. 

As always, please contact a BASS board member with questions regarding meet registration. 

Your BASS coaches, 

Tavia and Patrick