City Meet

Jul 29, 2022 (06:20 PM) - Jul 30, 2022 (05:30 PM)
July, 16 2022


Sign-ups for this meet will occur later in the season. Please stay tuned.

This is an AWAY meet. Location TBD.

  • Swimmers 15 and older swim Friday.
  • 7/8 & 9/10 year-olds swim Saturday morning.
  • 11/12 & 13/14 year-olds swim Saturday afternoon.
  • Swimmers attend either the Classic meet or the City meet, not both.
  • Swimmers need qualifying times to swim at City. (Exception: 13-18 year olds automatically swim at City even if they do not have qualifying City times.)
  • Swimmers 12 and under who do not have qualifying times can swim at Classic.
  • Swimmers who have some qualifying times but not all, can choose which meet to attend.
  • All families that sign up for this meet will have to work at the meet.

FOR MORE INFORMATION and to see typical meet times please visit our "City/Classic Meets" page under the "information" tab on our site.