SNOW Long Course Invitational - CLICK HERE

Jun 16, 2022 - Jun 19, 2022
June, 5 2022
Summer Season



This meet will take place at Dulles South Rec Center - 24950 Riding Center Drive, South Riding, VA 20152 and is only open to swimmers registered for the York Swim Club 2021 Summer Program.

Swimmers may enter a maximum of 10 individual events.  Swimmers may enter no more than three (3) events on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and no more than two (2) events on Saturday.




Session 1 – 13 & Over Prelims: Warm-up: 7:30am; Events: 8:50am

Session 2 - Thursday Finals:      Warm-up: 5:00pm; Events: 6:00pm



Session 3 – 13 & Over Prelims: Warm-up: 7:30am; Events: 8:50am

Session 4 - 9-12 Timed Finals:   Warm-up: 1:00pm; Events: 2:00pm

Session 5 - Friday Finals:            Warm-up: 5:30pm; Events: 6:30pm



Session 6:                                      Warm-up: 2:00pm; Events: 3:00pm



Session 7 – Mixed 13 & Over:       Warm-up: 7:30am; Events: 8:50am

Session 8 – Mixed 9-12                  Warm-up: 1:30pm; Events: 2:30pm


Meet Fees - Facility Surcharge: $10.00, Swimmer Surcharge: $2.50, Individual Events: $12.00 each.  Meet fees will be charged to the credit card you have on file in your online account. 

Distance Events – To the extent possible, timers and counters for the 800 and 1500 freestyle events should be provided by swimmers already entered in the meet session.  Parent timers may enter the facility 15 minutes prior to the start of the 800 and 1500 freestyle.


Positive Check In

All events in the Saturday Distance session are positive check-in events. Swimmers who do not check-in by the deadline will not be seeded into those events.   

Swimmers must complete the  2022 SNOW Long Course Invitational Positive Check-In  to check-in for those events.

The check-in deadline for the Saturday Distance events is Saturday, June 18, 2022, 10:00am. All other events will be pre-seeded.

All other events will be pre-seeded.


Withdrawing From Finals

If you do not wish to swim in the Final, you may “scratch” from the event by following this procedure:

You must fill out and sign a PVS Finals Scratch Slip within 30 minutes of the announcement of qualifiers for “A” and “B” finals, if scheduled.

You may declare an “intent to scratch.”  You must fill out and sign a PVS Finals Scratch Slip within 30 minutes of the announcement of qualifiers, marking the appropriate space for “intent.”  If you declare an “intent to scratch” and do not wish to swim Finals, you must confirm your scratch on the PVS Finals Scratch Slip within 30 minutes after the conclusion of your last preliminary event of the day or you will automatically be seeded into the event.

If an athlete fails to properly scratch from an event and does not appear for the “Final” event, they “shall be barred from further competition for the remainder of the meet.”


Volunteer Sign Up – Will be made available after entries are received by the meet manager

Meet sheets and results will be posted to Meet Mobile and the  SNOW Swimming website - CLICK HERE

The Live Stream of the meet will be available on the   SNOW Facebook Page - CLICK HERE - Please note the live feed will not become available until right before events begin.  No spectators are permitted in the facility.

Important - There are specific protocols in place for this meet, please take the time to read the meet announcement and supplemental information completely before registering for this event.  Compliance with all rules and protocols is mandatory.