Summer Trident League Champs 10 and Under Prelims 25s

Jun 29, 2022 (06:15 PM) - Jun 30, 2022 (07:15 PM)
June, 28 2022
June 27, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)


Swim Neptune Trident Meet Championships @ Moon Valley Country Club (Prelims)

Event Order: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly

This sign up page is for the 10 & Under 25yd events. If you wish to swim the 8 & Over 50 yard races, please sign up on the other event.  You may compete in up to three of the four events in this meet.  Please select the strokes you would like to be entered  in.  Swimmers may participate even if it is their first meet of the season!

Prelims for all Events:  Wednesday, June 29, 6:00 pm Warm up 6:20 Start
Championship Finals:   Thursday, June 30,  6:00 pm Warm up 6:20 Start (Top 6 in each event)

Here is what to expect:

Swimmers can enter up the three events of either 25 yard races or 50 yard races, but not both or in combination.  Prelims will be swum in heats with mixed age like we have done so far this summer. The top 6 in each age group will qualify for the Championship Finals session on Thursday, June 30.  The finals will be seeded by age group, gender and the times swum in prelims. Swimmers may be in a different heat and lane for each event Prelims and Finals.

The age groups for finals are as follows:
25 yard distances: 6&Under girls/boys, 7-8 girls/boys, 9-10 girls/boys
50 yard distances: 10&Under girls/boys, 11-12 girls/boys, 13&Over girls/boys

--If a swimmer knows that they CANNOT swim on Thursday if they make finals please let us know and their slot in finals will go to the next highest placing swimmer.