MST Specialty Meet

Jun 30, 2022 - Jul 2, 2022
May, 30 2022



Important information from the host, including parking is attached - see below. All teams are warming up at the same time, and the meet session starts right after the warm-up. Please arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes before the assigned warm-up, but not more than 30 minutes before the warm-up time. This will be a large meet so allow enough time to park and find where our team (and tent) are located. Swimmers should arrive with their suit already on. Good luck to all swimmers! Coach Dave

Warm-up Times for Both Days:

Morning Session – 7:30-8:00

Afternoon Session – 12:10-12:40

Coach on Deck:

Friday – Coach Whitney (630-2566)

Saturday – Coach Katie (814-0344)

***Please read the attached information from the host.

The pool is located at Raco Theodore Park on Head Street in Manchester NH.




RACO June July 22.JPG