Concord All-Relays Meet

Jun 25, 2022
June, 12 2022


We are planning on 3 20 minute warm ups. The first warm up will the Sailfish starting at 7:30 AM, followed by the Tigersharks at 7:50 with LRW & Peterborough sharing the last spot from 8:10 to 8:30. We plan to start the meet at 8:35 AM.


No timers needed.

We plan on having each team use the same lane for the entire meet, so lanes 2 thru 5 will always have the same team in them. We will pick the lanes from a hat during warm ups. You can let your parents know what lane to watch for the duration of the meet. Lanes 1 & 6 will be used as overflow lanes if any teams have more than one relay per event. We are planning on have a staging area just to the side of the blocks where a coach from each team can organize the relay team that is up next. We will have short (5 minute) breaks after each set of relays to allow the coaches to organize the next set of relays.

We need to be done by 11:30 AM, but, if we have time, we’ll do a coaches & parents relay at the end of the meet so you can show your kids how it’s done!
Please set up your team areas in the grassy area outside the fence. There is plenty of space for all since this is a small meet. Please have your families set up in the grassy areas as well. No parents will be allowed on deck unless they are working at the meet. Since this is an outdoor meet, we will not be requiring masks, but we will encourage social distancing while on deck and behind the blocks. The "on deck" heat will be closest to the fence. Once a heat is completed, the swimmers will exit the pool and walk back to their team areas in a counterclockwise direction.

****Please use the parking lot located at 33 Bow St. Concord to park (directions attached). If that gets full (not likely) there is a small amount of street parking available along Bow St.

The meet fee is still $10 per swimmer for up to 6 events.