2022 Hawaiian Swimming Senior Summer Championships - VMAC

Jun 24, 2022 (07:30 AM) - Jun 26, 2022 (06:30 PM)
June, 12 2022
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2022 Hawaiian Swimming Senior Summer Championships

Venue: VMAC

Groups: Gold & Senior Groups

Signup Deadline: June 12 (Sunday) by 6pm HST

Entry Requirements: Athletes must have met or bettered the Hawaiian Swimming Senior Program “A” time standard, in any course, during the Qualifying Period for each individual event entered. See Bonus Entries section for bonus entry requirements. Athletes must be entered with their best time in the conforming course first followed by non-conforming course times.
Ï Bonus Entries: Athletes which meet the entry requirement of the Senior Program “A” time standard AND are entered in at least one (1) of the individual events offered may enter in a maximum of two (2) bonus events for which they have achieved the Senior Program “B” standard for the event. Bonus events may be swum on the same or separate days and count towards event entry limits. Bonus entries are not permitted in the 1500m Freestyle events.
Ï Entry Limits: Eligible athletes may enter all qualified individual events but will be limited to compete in a maximum of three (3) individual events per day AND seven (7) individual events for the meet. The last entry exceeding the limit, either per day or for the meet, will be automatically scratched unless another event is scratched per the scratch procedure detailed below.

ENTRY FEES: No refunds
Ï $4.50 per Individual Entry; $10.50 per Relay Entry.
Ï $16.00 Championship Fee per athlete entered in the meet (including relay-only athletes and relay-only alternates).

ALL TEAM SUPPORT: Hawaiian Swimming Senior Program meets are run by the participating teams. All teams are expected to contribute resources to make the meet happen. In addition to deck officials and timers required from each entered team, volunteers are needed for the setup, operation, and takedown aspects of the meet. These include but are not limited to: setting up and dismantling of the tarps and timing equipment, hospitality assistance, cleaning of the bathrooms, disposing of trash, etc. Each team’s attention to and preparation for these efforts is appreciated.

Friday, June 24, 2022:
Session 1: Warm-up - 7:30AM; Races - 9:00AM
Session 2: Warm-up - 2:45PM; Races - 4:00PM
(NOTE: Clubs are responsible for providing their own timers for the 1500m Freestyle)

Saturday, June 25, 2022:
Session 3: Warm-up - 7:30AM; Races - 9:00AM Session 4: Warm-up - 2:45PM; Races - 4:00PM

Sunday, June 26, 2022:
Session 5: Warm-up - 7:30AM; Races - 9:00AM Session 6: Warm-up - 2:45PM; Races - 4:00PM