Summer Sectionals

Jul 14, 2022 - Jul 17, 2022
June, 20 2022
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SECTIONALS- Thur, 7/14, - Sun, 7/17

This is a championship event. Please do not sign up if you do not plan on staying for finals.

Athletes may only sign up if they are in good standing in their group and have over 85% attendance leading up to the meet. 

Cleveland State University-Busbey Natatorium
2451 Euclid Ave,
Cleveland, Oh 44115

Please see Meet PDF for event lineup and cuts. 50 strokes are listed as events, but do count towards your total count of 6 events. 

ENTRY LIMITS and BONUS EVENTS: Limits: A swimmer may enter an unlimited number of individual events BUT may compete in no more than 6 individual events for the meet and compete in no more than 3 individual events per day. Time trial events count toward a swimmer’s daily limit of 3 events but do not count toward a swimmer’s meet limit of 6 events. All 50’s of stroke MUST be entered at the athletes 100 time.

Bonus Events: Swimmers who have achieved fewer than 4 individual event time standards may supplement their entry with bonus event(s) so that the total of individual events (qualified swims PLUS bonus swims) does not exceed 4 for the meet. Ex: 1 qualified and 3 bonus, 2 qualified and 2 bonus, 3 qualified and 1 bonus. Swimmers entering bonus events MUST meet the bonus time standard as outlined in the grid above.