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Noah's Ark Trip (6/28) - Due 6/24

Jun 28, 2022
June, 24 2022
June 23, 2022
(this is a team hosted event)
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Noah’s Ark Trip

Noah’s Ark is a well-staffed water-park designed for children of all ages.  Food and beverages are available for purchase at the park.  There are coin operated lockers available for clothes and valuables.  Swimmers will not be actively supervised by coaches or chaperones while at the park.  The chaperones will establish a team area where swimmers may go if they need assistance.  All swimmers must have current medical and insurance information on file with the team to travel on the bus.  Swimmers are reminded that they are on a team outing and should behave within the limits of the team code of conduct.

Please sign-up early to determine if we will need 1 or 2 busses - Sign-up Due June 22

Time Schedule

Date:  Tuesday, June 28th

Bus Leaves Hartford High School:  7:30 AM

Bus Leaves Arrowhead High School:  8:00 AM

Arrive at Noah’s Ark:  9:45 AM

Bus Leaves Noah’s Ark:  4:00 PM

Bus Returns to Arrowhead:  5:30 PM

Bus Returns to Hartford: 6:00 PM


The price for admission and bus transportation is $50.  We need a minimum of 35 riding the bus.  Families wishing to travel on their own may get their tickets through the team for $29.  We will be purchasing these tickets through the Hartford Rec Department on Monday, June 27 for all confirmed participants.  They will be available for pick-up Monday evening at Arrowhead, or at Arrowhead in the morning befoer the bus leaves.  You may opt to pick-up and pay for your own tickets from the rec department.  The trip will go on in all but the most extreme weather conditions – There is no rain date.

We are looking for 2 chaperones to ride the bus and be available at the park for swimmers.  Park admission is free for these chaperones.  Contact Coach Mark if you are interested in chaperoning, [email protected].

To register, go to the event sign-up page and click on Job Sign-up and make the appropriate selections.  Return the permission slip below by Tuesday, June 28th.  Your account will be charged after the trip.  Tickets are not refundable.

Noah's Ark Permission Slip