World Team Tennis at Kellogg Middle School

Jul 8, 2022 (01:30 PM) - Jul 8, 2022 (03:30 PM)
July, 8 2022


World Team Tennis helps tennis players of all ages and abilities experience one of the more exciting formats in our great sport

There are four levels based on ability. Teams will be assigned at least 24 hours before the match. Each team will be assigned a color and those team members will be encouraged to wear that color shirt to the match.

Top 3 levels have a singles and doubles team, beginners only have a doubles team

Each match is a short set to 5, no ad, tie-breaker at 4-4, first one to 5.

Then there is a mixed doubles at the end, a high ranked player and a low ranked player. Once the match gets to 5-3 score, the match can potentially go on forever. 

If the overall game score is 20-24, but my team wins the mixed match 5-3, then the overall score would be 25-27. The mixed match keeps going if my team keeps winning. If my team is able to tie up the overall score, then a 7 point tie-breaker is played to decide the match or the match ends as soon as the team that was up when the mixed match finished its set by winning one more game after that.

There are 13 spots for a team, but you really need a minimum of 8 players to make this work. The same player could play on the singles and doubles teams as well as the “mixed match”.