Colorado Senior LC State Championships

Jul 21, 2022 (07:00 AM) - Jul 24, 2022 (06:00 PM)
July, 8 2022



Colorado Senior Long Course State Championships July 21-24, 2022 (This is a qualification meet athletes must have qual times to enter meet)

Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center, 5310 E. 136 th Ave., Thornton, CO 80026

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Prelims (Tentative Times)   General 7:00  –  8:00 AM Specific 8:00  – 8:20 AM, Start  8:30 AM 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Finals (Tentative Times)  General 4:30  –  5:05 PM Specific 5:05  –  5:20 PM Start 5:30 PM


The top three (3) heats of prelim final events for 14 & Under and 15 & over will compete in finals. Places, 17-24 will compete in the “C” final, 9-16 will compete in the “B” Final and places 1-8 will compete in the “A” Final. C/B finalists are to report behind the blocks and will be announced in the pool. A finalist, if you would like to march please report to the ready area, if not please report behind the block.

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