Illinois Open Water State Champs

Aug 15, 2022
August, 5 2022


The Illinois Open Water State Championship will be held on Monday, August 15 at the Manteno Sportsmen's Club (851 N. Main St., Manteno, IL 60950).  High school girls swimming for the school cannot participate due to IHSA rules.  Please be sure to read through the meet packet posted below. 


  • Girls Open 3K Race Start Time: 8:00a
  • Men’s Open 3K Race Start Time: 9:00a
  • Girls 13 – 14 3K Race Start Time: 10:00a
  • Boys 13-14 3K Race Start Time: 11:00a
  • Girls 11 – 12 2K Race Start Time: 12:00p
  • Boys 11 – 12 2K Race Start Time: 1:00p
  • Girls 10 & Under 1K Race Start Time: 1:30p
  • Boys 10 & Under 1K Race Start Time: 2:00p

Qualifying Time / Eligibility: Qualification times shall be the National “BB” time in the following: 

  • Open 3K: Minimum 15-16 “BB” Time in 400/500, 800/1000 or 1500/1650 Freestyle 
  • 13-14 3K: Minimum 13-14 “BB” Time in 400/500, 800/1000 or 1500/1650 Freestyle 
  • 11-12 2K: Minimum 11-12 “BB” Time in 200, 400/500, 800/1000, or 1500/1650 Freestyle 
  • 10&Under 1K: Minimum 10&Under “BB” Time in 200 or 400/500 Freestyle
  • Click here for the BB Standards

Technical Meeting - All swimmers and coaches must attend the technical meeting prior to race day. Each coach and swimmer MEETINGS are responsible for all information distributed at this meeting. Technical meeting(s) will be conducted virtually, via Zoom. Meeting information will be published the week of the event.

Pre-Race Meeting - In addition to each technical meeting, all swimmers must be present for the Pre-Race Briefing at the race BRIEFINGS start area prior to each race. At this meeting, race officials will distribute last minute information on weather and water conditions, emergency procedures, etc. Briefings will be held 15 minutes prior to the scheduled race start. Positive check-in is required.

The registration deadline is Friday, August 5 at midnight