PDST 2022 Summer Cruising Camp

Aug 1, 2022 - Aug 27, 2022
August, 4 2022



Hi PDST members,

Happy summer break!

I'm so excited to share the information that PDST will host a three-week Summer Cruising Camp for our Adv1, Adv2, and Senior Group swimmers based on the 2022-2023 season roster.

Don't worry about exhausting our young swimmers; we won't brutally train them after the long season. Oppositely, the training will be light with drill excise, endurance, and relays event(or anything cool in the water) to help swimmers keep the lowest intensity of exercise and ensure that swimmers' physical strength gradually recovers and relaxes during the summer break.


Below is the information about the PDST Summer Cruising Camp:

Deck coach: Coach Li

Time: 9:30-11:00 am (ensure swimmers sleep well and not oversleep. enjoy the cool morning plus sunshine!)

location: MW Pool

Tuition & Date:  

Week 1: 8/8-8/13, $125(Reg deadline: 8/6)

Week 2: 8/15-8/19, $125(Reg deadline: 8/12)

Week 3: 8/22-8/26, $125(Reg deadline: 8/20)


How to sign up for the camp:

Please click "Attend" on the event page, and leave the message which week you want to sign(week1, week2, week3, etc.) in the note. No acception of Email or WeChat booking.

The maximum number of attending swimmers per week is 24: the first sign, the first get. 



Cash only. Please bring the tuition to coach Li on the first day each week, or your swimmers can't jump into the water.


Once again, we design the camp for light training without any PDST "secret excise." There would be no losses for swimmers if you didn't attend the camp.


Enjoy the summer!


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDS