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1st Candy Meet at Foothills!

Sep 30, 2022 (04:00 PM) - Sep 30, 2022 (07:30 PM)
September, 28 2022
1- Red Grroup,2- JV Group,3- Junior 1,4- Junior 2,5- Silver,Coaches ([* ALL Locations *])


Hi Swimmers in the Red, JV, Junior 1, Junior 2, and Silver Groups,

We will be competing in our first Candy Meet of the season! Due to a scheduling conflict at Foothills, we will be racing on Sept 30th, which is a Friday. Please note that parking can be an issue at foothills, so we will be sending out more information regarding parking closer to the date at hand. 

What are Candy Meets? These are a great way to get your swimmer racing in a low stress environment as well as helping getting swimmers and families familiar with how, we as coaches, run meets. Swimmers will receive a piece of candy after each of their events. 

How to sign up? Check out the attachment and then click on the “Events” Tab at the top of the website ( Select “1st Candy Meet at Foothills!” and then enter your swimmer from there. We will add entry fees to your account, so please do not bring in any form of payment. Paper entries will NOT be accepted at this time, please enter using the online system.
Here is a tutorial that we use for our summer league team. The website is for a different team, but the process is the same as for our website ( Please take a moment to watch the intro if you have not used the online teamunify system:

What to expect? Once you have parked and headed into the facility, find your coaches. In this case, you will be looking for Coach Lesley and Coach Nicole. They will tell you where we are sitting. You should bring a chair to sit in, extra towels, and a great attitude! We will be providing heat sheets or lane assignments in advance of the meet, so please write your events, heats and lanes on your swimmers hand before the event. Please remember that sunscreen is the enemy of the Sharpee, so anything written before you apply sunscreen will get wiped away. 

Warm up will go from 4-4:40pm and then the meet will run from 5-7/7:30pm. Every swimmer will get a piece of candy after each swim. 

It will be awesome, fun, and super chaotic- which is where all the fun is really at as well!

Hope to see you all sign up!