Team Registration and Swim Evaluations

May 1, 2017 (04:00 PM) - May 31, 2018 (08:30 AM)
May 1, 2017


Team Registration
Returning swimmers and Masters Swimmers can register for the team HERE. If your swimmer has been away from HSA for the summer months or 2 months or more please contact Coach Matt to find out if they need to come for a swim evaluation before starting back. 
Age group swimmers new to Huntsville who have been members of a USA swimming club should contact
Coach Matt for group placement and team information.

HSA Swim Evaluations
HSA requires all new swimmers to come for a swim evaluation to ensure proper group placement. 
June 1 - June 20th 
HSA will offer Swim Evaluations by appointment Tuesdays @ 6:15pm and Saturdays @ 8:00am. 
Evaluations to join HSA in the fall will be offered July 11 and 12 or July 25 and 26. If you have any friends who wish to join the team save the date! Registration for these dates will open July 1st. 
You must register to attend an evaluation HERE. Walk ins during the day of evaluations WILL NOT be accepted. Evaluations by appointment will be offered to fill all remaining roster and wait list spots.
To attend an evaluation all prospective new members must register for the evaluation group on the HSA website. There is a $20 registration fee which will be applied to your first months dues if you join the club. Registration for the evaluations commits you only to the evaluations. Membership and any commitment beyond that are an option only if you decide to join the team. 
HSA offers groups for all ages and abilities. While we do have groups that have practice commitments, most of these groups are for older swimmers. Most swimmers on HSA under the age of 10 years old are members of our non-commitment groups Red 1, White Group and Intro. The Red 1 group is offered 1.5 hour practices Mon - Sat, White group is offer 1 hour practices Mon - Thur and Sat, Intro is offered two .5 hour practices weekly. These groups offer a specific number of practices each week for the group but swimmers are allowed to attend as many or as few practices as they chose. We do make recommendations for participation but that is only what we feel will allow swimmers to learn, progress and improve most efficiently. The recommended number of workouts are just that a recommendation. As a coaching staff HSA believes that burn out only occurs when athletes are forced to participate in activities they do not wish to do or are not passionate about. For this reason we offer practice options for those who are committed to the sport and to those whose interest may range from a introduction to the sport, health & fitness exercise option or to those who love to swim and compete but are active in many different activities.
To be considered for the Intro to HSA group swimmers must be able to SWIM 25 yards unaided without stopping or touching the bottom. Swimming is not defined as simply moving across the pool. Meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee placement. Doggie paddle or kicking on back are not accepted as swimming. 
To join White Group swimmers must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle with side breathing, swim 25 yards of backstroke and 25 yards of either breaststroke or butterfly.  M eeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee placement. 
To be considered for the HSA Red 1 Group swimmers must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle with side breathing and flip turn, swim 100 yards of backstroke with a flip turn, 50 yards of breaststroke, and 25 yards of butterfly.   M eeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee placement. 
Swimmers 11 & over must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle with side breathing and flip turns, 50 yards of backstroke and breaststroke and 25 yards of butterfly competition legal. Group placement will be at coach’s discretion based on swimmers ability.

Please visit the HSA website HERE. The ABOUT TAB will give you information for new parents, team goals, office location and hours. The GROUPS TAB will have information on Group Structure, Schedules, and equipment needed. The DOCUMENTS TAB will have all important financial documents, codes of conduct, and team By-Laws. The FUNDRAISING TAB has information on fundraising requirements, Sponsorship, and the Scrip program. Upon joining HSA all families agree to the HSA fundraising commitment, the Fundraising balance will not be billed until June 1, 2018. HSA offers fundraising opportunities throughout the year to reduce your fundraising commitment and families who exceed their commitment will get credit toward their monthly dues.