2019-20 Fake Meet-Practice How To Register

Sep 1, 2019 - Aug 1, 2020
August, 1 2020


 Welcome to the Fake Meet of 2019-20.  This is not a meet.  You can go through the registration process just like registering for a real meet.

This space tells you what kind of meet it is.  Who is hosting the meet.  Which CW group should be attending this meet.  The fees for each event and any other important times and information.  Parents should always read this prior to declaring any intentions of attending this meet.

Below you should find a Information file that outlines all the information about the meet.

NOTE: some events have no time requirement while others have a specific time requirement.  No time requirement means anyone can enter.  This is equivalent to a 'C' level time.  Time requirement may be 'A' (state cuts) or 'B' level times.  Rarely are they greater than this for a meet held in Michigan.  If your swimmer has never swam a listed event he/she will have NT as a best time.  If this is the case they can only enter meets in which there is no qualifying standard (i.e., ABC meets).  If they have a time in an event their best time will show.  If that time if faster than the qualifying standard they will be allowed to en ter that event.  If not, then the system will deny the entry.  Events that your child may swim are depicted in black font.  Those for which he/she does not qualify will be in red font.