National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet, Cary, NC Open to Everyone

May 28, 2016 - May 29, 2016
May 7, 2016




May 27 - 30, 2016

Cary, NC

Hosted by the North Carolina Aquablazers

The National Heritage Championship Swim Meet is an annual event in Cary, NC. This event is open to all athletes and includes a swimmer party after the meet on Saturday. Swimmers from New England will swim together as Team New England All Stars just like they do at a zones championships.

One of the main focal points of this meet is to provide for the kids an experience they would not otherwise get. Cape Cod Swim Club has attended in the past and Coach Zuwallack told me that for his team this meet was a home run for exposure to a multi-cultural event. Diversity and Inclusion is important at Crimson Aquatics and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity. We also like to win, and we think New England can take home the championship!

The information for the meet is below. Crimson Aquatics will be sending coaches to the meet and we request that other teams do as well in a coordinated effort.

The cost of the meet including flight, hotel, meet entry and food is estimated to be about $800. 13 and older swimmers will travel with the team or they may travel with parents. 12 & under swimmers must travel with parents.

We need to make arrangements based on the number of swimmers attending May 9th.

Please direct additional questions to Nadine Johnson Jesionek at

New England Swimming Inclusion Committee is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for swimmers who wish to travel and participate in the 14th Annual National Heritage Championship Swim Meet with the New England All-Stars. The combined team New England All-Stars is looking for approximately 50 swimmers, ages 6 – 18 to travel to Cary, NC for the May 28th - 29th meet.

This is an inclusion initiative in support of encouraging athletes to stretch their comfort zone in exploration and diversify swimming.  Swimmers from ALL backgrounds are welcome and ENCOURAGED to attend.  All participating swimmers must be a USA Registered swimmer to participate as an NES All Star. 

To participate in the Heritage meet, New England 12 & under swimmers must be traveling with a legal guardian all swimmers should complete the online registration linked from our website.

The initial deadline for applications and trip deposit/payment for all attending is Sunday, May 8th, 2016 

Athlete Selection Guidelines: 

Our goal is to encourage Swimmers, Coaches and Chaperones from all walks of life to become more involved for the sake of athletes who you may be new to the sport of swimming or underrepresented in the New England LSC.   To participate in this meet, New England 12 & under swimmers must have at least two high end Regional short course qualifying times (verified in the SWIMS database) and complete the online registration linked from our website. 13 & over swimmers – must have two high end regional cut and one Silver cut time achieved.  The selection process will also consider those who upon a coach’s recommendation by having input answering a few questions that will help us better determine a swimmers commitment to the sport (i.e. practices, active team member and experience).  The Inclusion Committee sub-team will accept and review applications.  Once we have reached capacity individuals will be informed.  Applications that are not filled out in their entirety or responses that might limit the group are subject to being eliminated.  In the event of under-subscription, please be aware that the cost per swimmer may increase to accommodate the full financial commitment necessary for this trip.  We suggest that parents and athletes from teams make this a collaborative effort with others from their team to assist in providing a level of comfort and enhance the experience for their athlete.                                                                                       

Coaches’ selection Guidelines: Coaches volunteering for to support this opportunity will have travel and accommodations covered by New England Swimming.  The selection for this trip is made based on number of athletes attending from teams (to maintain athlete – coaches’ fluency), prior experience with travel team, skills, enthusiasm and experience around training and positive athlete experience that may be afforded to attendees of this trip.  Coaches will come together prior to the trip to make decisions on entries, relays and LC training.   Length of the trip is Friday, May 27th – Monday, May 25th. 




Follow the link: ]

Be sure to fill in all the appropriate forms.

Please complete your application and submit via electronic submission or via email to, to declare your commitment by Sunday, May 8th. The deadline for applications and a deposits of $250.00 per person will be Sunday, May 8th with the final payment due on Wednesday, May 18th.  All payments can be submitted via Pay Pal registration on the NES website link.  If preferred, you can make full payment at the time of registration.   

Trip dates are Thursday, May 27th – Monday, May 30th*.

One application is required per swimmer/coach/parent-chaperone.