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Rocket Fish Summer Session 2016

June 20, 2016 (07:00 AM) - August 10, 2016 (10:00 AM)
July 5, 2016


Rocket Fish Summer Swim 2016 Registration

( M-T-W-Th Mornings)


Dates 2016:     June 20 – August 10

Location:         Belmont Plaza Outdoor Pool-25 yard-on the sand

Ages:              5 to 14 

Days:              Mon-Thurs, 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x/week

Activities:        Character development, swim stroke development, endurance, speed, swim meets, special family events and lots of team spirit! 


    •    A Group (advanced)       7:00 – 8:20 stretch & swim    

    •    B Group (intermediate)  8:00 – 9:20 stretch, stroke modeling & swim    

    •    C Group (beginners)       8:50 – 10:00 stretch, stroke modeling & swim



Practices for all groups can be swam any day of the week, Mon-Thurs. according to your schedule to allow for flexibility. Make-ups can be made on any day. There is no swimming on Monday, July 4th.


Practice Group Definitions:

A’s:     Advanced/Experienced-under 2 min. in 100 yard freestyle & legal in all four strokes

B1’s:   Intermediates with lots of swim experience and stroke knowledge

B2’s:   Intermediates with less swim experience and stroke knowledge

C1’s:   Beginner/Novice with lots of swim experience

C2’s:   Beginner/Novice with less swim experience 

For more details and a full description of practice groups,   click here. Scroll about halfway down the page.


All groups will have age-appropriate character-first training, daily teamwork and leadership opportunities, “words-of-the-week” and direct application of character-first concepts into swim training and dry-land exercises. If you are unsure of which group to attend, please   email us with a description of your child's swim experience. If you are a returning member, please attend the last group you swam with. Swimmer's will be re-assessed at the start of the season.


Summer Swim Pricing Structure

4x/week (32 swims):         $485 

3x/week (24 swims):         $425

2x/week (16 swims):         $365 

1x/week (8 swims):           $185


Sibling discounts are applied at check-out during online registration. Be sure to register all kiddos in the same registration session to receive your discount. 


OCSC Swim Meets

Optional--Swim Meet 2016 fees:

One meet:            $25.00

Two meets:           $50.00

Three meets:        $60.00


Swim meets take planning, coordination, coaches, supplies and parent volunteerism. For more information on swim meets, click here. Please add swim meet fees to your cart during registration. Scheduled swim meet dates are as follows:


6/25-26 Pentathalon 
6/29 RFSH v. SB
7/20 or 7/21 RFSH v. Shore
8/7 & 8/9 (divisionals & finals—if qualified)


USA Swimming membership

To swim with Rocket Fish, you will need a current USA Swimming membership. You can sign up at the pool on the first day if you do not already have this and will need to pay the $38 fee for a seasonal membership. You may pay for this online during your registration by adding it to your cart (one for each child registering). If you are not sure if your membership is current, you can sign in to the  USA Swimming website, or sign up for a web account, and click under "My Deck Pass" to view your membership status.


Other registration notes:

For 3x and 4x registration groups there is the option to pay for half tuition immediately and the other half later. If you choose this option, your second payment will be automatically charged on July 1, 2016. This split payment option applies to tuition only, not gear or other fees.


All new and returning 2016 registrants will be charged the Swim Focus once-per-year family fee of $50. This is a one-time payment only and is valid for all four 2016 seasons. 


If you have any questions regarding our program or any issues navigating our registration process, please feel free to contact Erin Moody at 


For general information from our website about Summer Swim 2016, click here.


For information about swim group definitions (A, B and C Groups) click here.