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Rocket Fish Registration

Sep 5, 2017 (04:15 PM) - Sep 1, 2030 (07:00 PM)
September, 1 2018


Rocket Fish Registration

To get started, click “Register Online” on the top right of this page.

If your child has previously participated in Rocket Fish or BALF, sometime since September 2016, please email to reactivate your membership.

Registration Schedule

  • A-Group and B-Group are year-round and can be joined at anytime
  • C-Group is billed monthly and will continue into the Fall. Registration available NOW

JG Prep: Our JG Prep has been combined with our B Group. You can join our swim program for the months leading up to time-tests or summer Junior Guards – great training with dryland included! Exit whenever you are ready.

Recommended number of practices

  • Competitive Group (A): minimum 4/week, recommended 4–5/week
  • Jr. Competitive (B1): minimum 3/week, recommended 4–5/week
  • Swim Development (B2): minimum 2/week, recommended 3–4/week
  • Learn-to-Swim (C): minimum 1/week, recommend 2/week, swim up to 3/week (spring)

For detailed information about our swim groups, please click here.


  • Year-Round Competitive Team (A Group): Billed monthly – $150/mo
  • Year-Round Junior Competitive/Stroke Development (B Group): Billed monthly – $130/mo
  • Learn-to-Swim (C Group): Billed monthly – $115/mo

Sibling discounts offered at the end of registration process. Be sure to register all siblings in one registration session to receive the discount.

Additional Fees

  • USA Swimming Membership (required)
    • Year-Round Swimmers: $66 (Valid through Dec 31, 2018)
    • Seasonal Swimmers: $38 (April 1 - August 31, 2018)
  • Family Fee
    • Year-Round Swimmers: $100/year/family
    • Summer Only (June - August) Swimmers: $50/summer/family

Monthly Billing

We use the Team Unify platform to manage all our billing online. You must create an online account to register for Rocket Fish Swimming. All charges for monthly dues, swim meets, team gear or other accrued charges will post to your account throughout the month and will automatically charge to your card on the first of every month. You will receive an invoice each month before charges post to your CC. A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any declined transactions that are not mitigated within 7 days of the failed transaction.


You can join our program at any time:

  • If athlete enters the program on the 1st–15th of the month, full dues will be charged.
  • If athlete enters the program on the 16–31st of the month, half dues will be charged. This is the only pro-rate offered. No pro-rating for flat-fee registration groups. There are no refunds or pro-rating for months that are not “used” unless a medical emergency has occurred within the first two weeks of the month and immediate notice has been given.

Program Exit

If you would like to exit the Rocket Fish program you may cancel at anytime by writing to us at within 10 days of your last intended day (or, by the 20th day of your last month swimming). A new registration fee will be charged if you choose to reinstate your account after cancellation within the year.


We take a few breaks from swimming throughout the year to coincide with the Long Beach Unified School district schedule. Actual dates will be posted on our yearly calendar.

Swim Meets

Swim meets are scheduled approximately once a month. Meets are open to all swimmers interested and are encouraged. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate skills learned in practice, learn healthy competition, and learn what we can improve.

Swim Meet Fees

Swim meet fees generally cost from $3–7/event with an additional $10 registration fee and a coaching fee ranging from $12.00–20.00. Once your swim meet meet entry is approved, there are no changes or refunds. No-show or scratched events are also not refunded.

Annual Family Fee

The Rocket Fish Annual Registration fee is a once-per-year per family fee that covers social events, special events, t-shirts, registration admin, etc. Annual fee is valid for one year from the date you first joined.

USA Swimming membership

To swim with Rocket Fish, you will need a current USA Swimming membership. Please pay for this online during your registration by adding it to your cart (one for each child registering). If you are not sure if your membership is current, you can sign in to the USA Swimming website, or sign up for a web account, and click under “My Deck Pass” to view your membership status. If you do not pay for the USA fee during registration you will be automatically billed and charged for it.

If you are a summer-seasonal swimmer only, you will register for the seasonal USA membership for $38. Read more about USA Swimming here.

Download your USA Swimming registration form:

Assessments & Try Outs

If you are unsure about which swim group to sign up for, please read our swim group definitions and our team/group expectations and then arrange for an assessment. If you are new to the team or unsure whether your child is a B or C Group swimmer, please get in touch and arrange an assessment.

If you already know what group your child swims in, you do not need to go through the assessment/tryout process.

If you are a B Group swimmer, or are transferring from another swim team, and want to try out for the A-Group, please arrange for an assessment. Minimum requirements for Comp. A-Group tryout are 100 meters in under 2:00 and 50 yards “legal” of each stroke: fly, back, breast and free.

Email to arrange an assessment.

Registration Guidelines FAQ

Your child has not swam with RF since before Sept 1, 2016 OR, you are new to the team.

Register through the online registration process for any appropriate swim group

Your child is a current “year-round” swimmer with either A or B-Group and is on the monthly billing program.

You are good-to-go!! We will bill you for your USA Swimming membership and RF annual fee, if due.

Your child swam in the A, B or C-Group sometime in the last year, but you took a break, and are currently not swimming but would like to start up again.

Email us at to re-activate your monthly billing.

You have put your membership or monthly billing on hold for any reason (A, B or C-Group)

Email us at to re-activate your monthly billing.


If you have any questions regarding our program or any issues navigating our registration process, please feel free to contact us at

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