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Swim For Change: Big Change Roundup

January 27, 2018 (09:00 AM) - January 27, 2018 (11:00 AM)
January 27, 2018
January 27, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)


EDGE Swim Club's 2nd Annual Swim For Change

Partnering with WOKO and the Big Change Roundup

Our Team's BCRU Posse Page

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

WAVE 1: 9:00-10:00AM
WAVE 2: 10:00-11:00Am

EDGE swimmers will make efforts, via social media, pledges, and personal or family contributions, to raise as much money a possible for the Big Change Roundup - an annual effort to raise money for the UVM Children's Hospital. EDGE swimmers will swim for change. Swimmers will aim to get pledges of set dollar or cent amounts, on a per lap, or total yardage basis. EDGE swimmers will then have one hour, on Saturday, January 14th, to swim as many laps to hit their goals and to raise as much money as possible!

More details about the concession stand, prizes, and other activities for the Big Change Roundup will be published soon. Continue reading for more information and the pledge form!


  • Parents and Swimmers: we need your help! While we continue to make efforts to receive donors for the concession stand, any contributions you can make toward the concession stand would be greatly appreciated!  Please note that the stand willl be open to ALL EDGE members - so think of our many other members using the gym for their workout for enticing post workout snacks and beverages! Any proceeds made from the concessions stand will contribute towards our donation to the Big Change Roundup!
    • Suggestions include, but are not limited to:
    • Granola bars, energy bars, protein bars, fruit, veggies, juice, bottled water, sport drinks, hard boiled eggs, and more! Please bring small cups/bowls for individual servings for items such as fruits and veggies.


  • Nathan water bottle - thank you Frazier family!
  • Big Change Round Up goodie bag!
  • Swim For Change silicone cap! ($5 donation for the cap recommended/encouraged)

FAQ and General Information about the Event, from our coordinator, Renata Branicki:

What’s our goal?
Our goal for our EDGE Swim team is $6,000! WE CAN DO IT! Let’s go EDGE! All money raised will be donated to The Vermont Children’s Hospital. Last year we raised over $5,000!
How will we do it?
We will be hosting a Swim-a-thon at the Williston EDGE on Saturday, January 27th, and we need some help. We will have special swim caps for the event that will need to be purchased.
Concession stand? Yes!
There will be a large concession stand selling items such as crock-pot meals, pasta dishes, pizza, baked goods, fruits/veggies, “snackie” foods, etc. We will need to organize who will be bringing what items and come up with a schedule for parents running the concession stand.
Can I sell my homemade items at this event? Yes!
Please let me know if you’re looking to set up a table (for a small donation which will go towards the BCRU) to sell homemade items (craft items that you personally make/sell, etc).
We’re looking for donations!
We’re also looking for local businesses or families to donate products or gift certificates, including a special prize for the child/children who swims the most laps and earns the most pledges. It will help keep our kids extra motivated during those last few laps.  
Gift Certificate ideas...
Restaurants, Starbucks, The U-Mall, Downtown Mall, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Alpine Shop,, etc.. Plan on $10 amounts.
Getting pledges ahead of time...
Children can go door-to-door to raise money for their pledge form (and/or ask family, friends, your co-workers and of course plug away on your Social Media etc, and don’t forget to gather up all that spare change around your house! (The pledge form can be found on the Community Outreach page, under About EDGE, and by scrolling down to the Swim For Change section)
Feel free to email me with any questions or if you’re interested in helping me organize this amazing event!
Thank you for all your support EDGE Families - Together we can make a difference one dime at a time!

Donate online by clicking the link below to our team page!