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Wellington at Stonewall 2018

June 16, 2018
June 10, 2018
June 16, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)



Sign-Out is by 8:00 P.M. on SUNDAY night.  If you are having trouble signing out, there are instructions  HERE.

If you volunteered for a meet, and then you sign your swimmer out-PLEASE go back and delete yourself from the volunteer positions!  This is very important, as others will be unable to replace you.

Volunteers are still needed for away meets.  If you can help, please go to the Volunteer sign-up and indicate where you will be volunteering.  Please come to the pool knowing what your volunteer positions are.

Entries will be posted at the bottom of this page after 8:00 P.M. on Thursday night or early Friday morning. 

What to Bring-Make sure you have shade, sunscreen and WATER.  Concessions will be sold by the host team.  A good rule of thumb is if it is hot, and you aren't sweating-you need to drink!  Hydrated people sweat. Our Parent Handbook has lots of information in it about how our swim meets run, what to do, how to prepare, and what to expect.  Spend some time reading there if you have not yet.  Please make sure your swimmers are familiar with some important policies, including our  Locker room Privacy Policy and our  Body Paint Policy

VisitingTeam Info-

The Stonewall Park Pool is located at: 8351 Stonewall Road, Manassas, VA 20110

There is VERY limited parking at the pool-parents are encouraged to carpool. We are told our families can setup in the area behind the slide at their pool. Again, there is likely not a lot of room in this area, so if you are able to share with another family, that would be a good idea. Stonewall sells their meet program, so it will not be posted at the bottom of this page. Programs cost $1.

Arrival and Check in- Please arrive no later than 6:00 in the morning and have your swimmer(s) check in with the Coaches so they know you are in attendance.

Warm-ups for us start at 6:25-6:45.

First-shift Volunteers, please make sure you check in with your volunteer area as soon as you arrive.  We may not need you at your post until the meet starts, but it is very important that we know you are in attendance so you aren't replaced.

IF YOU NEED HELP, please seek out our Team Concierge located in the Welcome Tent.  She can help direct you, give you information about your volunteer job and where to go, and are available throughout the meet to assist with any issues.

If you need to leave the meet early, you MUST let your Coaches know.  They will alert Clerk of Course and have your cards pulled for the remaining events.

Results-Results will be available on the website Saturday afternoon after the conclusion of the meet.
If you have ANY questions, please send an email.