Central Ohio SC Regional Champs @ Worthington

Feb 16, 2019 (03:00 AM) - Feb 18, 2019 (10:00 PM)
February, 1 2019
February 14, 2019
(this is a team hosted event)


Regionals is the first championship  meet for all athletes age 9-14.  This is also the session culminating event for our Winter Waves program.  Athletes age 8&under are not eligible and will instead do the Barbara Kay Mini Meet (info available shortly).

Meet is hosted at Worthington Pool (near Thomas Worthington HS), Warmups will be defined later expect 7:30AM warm up with prelims finished by 1PM, Finals warmups will be around 4:30 and Finals session will end by 8:30PM.  These are approx times and this section of the page will be replaced with the actual timeline once it is defined.

This meet is run Saturday - Sunday - Monday (monday is presidents day, no school).  The prelims swim in the morning, and the finals swim at night.  This is true for MOST events.  Longer events for older kids, Sunday Relays, and ALL of the 9-10 yr old events will have the fastest one-two (depends on event) heats swim at night (remainder of athletes compete in the morning, results compiled afterward... this is considered a timed final format for those events only).   If WAC athletes qualify for finals, they are expected to swim.  THis is how we earn points as a team, and it's the whole point of racing in the morning, and it devalues the competition if athletes who qualify don't finish the second round of competition.

We host this meet in collaboration with Worthington.  It's a HUGE HUGE HUGE undertaking.  There will be a job sign up and everyone will be expected to take on several jobs - none of the jobs are hard, and honestly it's a lot of fun being down in the "splash zone" with the athletes.    It's a great time to get to know other WAC parents, maybe make a connection that will help with a carpool or just make a new friend.   Please know that every official, timer, hospitality worker, announcer, etc... at every meet we have been to all year is a volunteer.  These meets run because of the support and commitment of parents like you.

Each day athletes are permitted to swim 3 individual events maximum.  Each athlete can swim a max of 7 events for the weekend.  We recommend that athletes swim the maximum number of events for this meet, however if you have limitations on your availbity please note that clearly in the comments field on your registration page.  You may pick events, coaches will fill in or modify.  Relays will be finalized at the meet (relays are on Sunday and Monday).

Please inquire if you have any questions.