Noah's Ark Trip

Jul 11, 2018 (10:15 AM) - Jul 11, 2018 (07:30 PM)
July 8, 2018


All swimmers, divers, parents, siblings and friends are invited to join us for a full day of fun in the water with the swim and dive coaches! Be at the pool by 8:15 AM. The bus will depart at 8:30 AM from the pool parking lot and will return by 5:30 PM. 

Deadline: The sign up deadline has been extended to July 8. We have to reserve buses and need to know how many kids are going.

Sign Up: Use this form in Google Docs: Noah's Ark Registration Form

Cost: $40 per person and includes bus transportation and hot dog buffet lunch. Noah's Ark does not allow you to bring your own food (though if you drive there you can have a cooler with food/drinks in your car).

Payment: Pay by check made payable to High Point Swim Team and place in Noah's Ark Trip folder on the team board above the family folders.

Both registration and payment are required or your child will not be allowed on the bus!

Chaperones: Kids age 12 and older may attend without a chaperone. Chaperones are required for kids 11 and under. Chaperone must be at least 16 years old. No more than 3 kids per chaperone. Chaperones must also sign up and pay!

Can we drive instead of taking the bus? Yes, you may drive, but there is a $15 fee for parking. If you choose to use the bus, you are required to use it both ways (too hard to keep track of kids otherwise).  

Can we take the bus one way? No. If you choose to take the bus, you are required to use it both ways (too hard to keep track of kids otherwise). 

Can we pay less if we don't take the bus? No, sorry. The $40 price is already subsidized by the Booster Club. Everyone pays $40 even if you drive.

Can I bring a friend? Yes! Althouth this is a team event, all are welcome - the more the merrier! Kids may bring friends who are pool members but not on swim team or friends who are not pool members (cousins, neighbors, school friends, etc).