Great Lakes Y Zone Championship

March 16, 2018 - March 18, 2018
March 9, 2018
March 13, 2018
(this is a team hosted event)



 Great lakes Y Zone Championship
March 16-18, 2018

Location and Facility

Spire Insitute 5201 Spire Circle, Geneva, OH 44041

Info on Spire Institue

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Emergency Phone Number: 440-466-1002
(Emergencies only please. Do not call with questions about the meet.)

Spire Institute Pool is configured as a dual 10 lane, 25 yard course. Water depth at start is 12 feet (minimum 5 feet required) and at turn end is 12 feet. Colorado electronic timing system will be used. It has been measured and certified in accordance with USAS section 104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming.

Multiple-lane continuous warm-up/warm-down lanes are available outside the competition area.

UPDATE for SPY Meet Worker Assignment:

Here are our Timing Responsibility
Please sign up  via Job signup page.  
Friday Session: Wendy Payne
Saturday Morning session: AnnMarie Spang-McMaken
Saturday Afternoon session: NO timer needed
Sunday Morning Session: Steve Phipps
Sunday Afternoon Session: Natalie Koukis/Shawn Blazer ( splitting session)
  • Listed volunteers will receive free admission for the day they are working.
IMPORTANT INFO for Spectators and Parents PLEASE READ:
Web Site

Online Meet Results: Meet Results will be posted on Meet Mobile. Meet Mobile Results are not official. Official results will be on the website at the end of each session. 

Weather Delays / Information will be announced as needed on the meet website.

ORDER OF EVENTS (note: new events and new event order!)

Friday, March 16 Evening Session:
11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Seniorpage5image5968

  • 2:30 PM Coaches’ Check-In Opens 
  • 3:00 PM Swimmers’ Check-In Opens
  • 3:30 PM   Pool deck opens
  • 3:45- 4:35PM Generl  Warm-up Begins
    • SPY Stretch 3:50pm
    • Pool 4:05-4:35pm
    • One Way Sprint 4:35-4:50pm
  • 4:50 PM  Opening Ceremonies
  • 5:00 PM Competition Starts 
  • 8:45 PM  Approximate Finish 

Saturday, March 17 & Sunday, March 18 Morning Session:

13-14, 15 & Over, Senior

  • 6:45 AMBuilding Opens
  • 7:00 AM Pool deck opens
  • SPY Warm ups
    • 7:05am Be on Deck and Ready to Swim
    • SATURDAY>>7:10-7:40am Scoreboard Pool Lane 8
    • SUNDAY>>7:10-7:40am Diving Board Pool Lane 6
    • 8:10-8:30am One Way Sprints in Diving Board Pool
  • 8:30 AM Opening Ceremony
  • 8:40 AM Meet Starts
  • 12:30 PM Approximate Finish
  • 12:35 PM Time Trials Begin

Saturday, March 17 & Sunday, March 18 Afternoon Session:

10 & Under, 11-12 

  • Stretch 1:40pm
  • Scoreboard Pool Warm up 1:50-2:10pm Lane 4 sharing with GMVY
    • Stretch 1:20pm
    • Diving Board Warm Up 1:30-1:50pm Lane 4 sharing with RAYS
  • 2:10-2:30pm  One Way Sprints in Diving Board Pool 
  • 2:30 PM   Opening Ceremonies
  • 2:40 PM Competition Starts
  • 5:30 PM  Approximate Finish 

Eligibility ATHLETEpage6image2304

  • YMCA Membership: An athlete must be a YMCA member in good standing who holds an annual, full privilege membership at the YMCA he/she represents for a period of at least 90 days prior to the first day of the meet. An athlete may have only represented that YMCA team in competition for a period of 90 days prior to the first day of the meet, excluding scholastic competition.
  • Amateur Status: An athlete may not have represented a college, university or other post-high school institution in any competition and may not have accepted pay or compensation for competing as a swimmer.
  • Unattached Athletes: There is no unattached status in YMCA Swimming.
  • YMCA Meet Participation: In order to be eligible to compete, each athlete must have competed in a minimum of 3 closed YMCA inter-association meets since September 1 of the current season.
  • Athletes with a Disability: Swimmers with a disability are welcome to enter this meet. The coach or team entry person must alert the meet director and the meet referee as to the need for any special accommodations or seeding arrangements at the time the entry is submitted. If modifications to USA Swimming rules are necessary, then the coach or athlete must notify the meet referee of any disability prior to competition.   
  • ZONE's Time Standards

Entry Information ENTRY LIMITS A swimmer may enter a total of three individual events (age group & senior) and one age group relay event each day. There is NO limit on Senior Relays entries. There is no limit on the number of entries a team may have in each event provided the time standard has been met.

QUALIFICATION PERIOD The qualification period is March 1, 2017 through the entry deadline. 

TIMES No Times (NT) are not allowed. Submit entry times in Actual times (no conversion), SCY, SCM, LCM. Non-conforming times will be seeded first. 


Individual Events, $5.00 per entry;
Relay Events, $20.00 per entry;
Zone Committee Surcharge, $2.00 per swimmer 

Volunteers/Officials/Timers OFFICIALS AND TIMERS

yesAll teams will be assigned worker positions according to last year’s entries. Each team must supply their assigned worker positions in order to participate in the meet. As a general standard, teams will provide one worker for every five swimmers entered in a session. Check the website for worker assignments. Assignments for Saturday and Sunday sessions will be posted by February 1, 2018.

yesNames of volunteers must be submitted in advance the meet in order to be admitted into the meet at no charge. Volunteers should check-in upon arrival at the meet.

coolThe penalty for not fulfilling a workers position will be $100 per person. The fee will be assessed to the team and a letter from the zone committee will be sent to the executive director of the offending YMCA. If the fee is not paid by the entry deadline the following year the team will not be allowed to enter the zone meet. 

EVENT CHECK-IN There will be positive check-in for the 1,000 free and 1,650 free events. The check in sheets will be near the scorer’s table and check in is required by 9:30 AM each day. 

OFFICIALS AND TIMERS MEETINGOfficials and Timers meetings will be scheduled before the start of each session. Details will be announced before the meet on the website. 


Great Lakes Zone YMCA Swimming Championship March 16-18, 2018

page9image1952 page9image2120

The meet will be swum using a Timed Finals format. Swimmers age will be determined as of December 1, 2017.


All events (except the 1000 and 1650 Free, and the 800 Free Relay) will be seeded in advance of the meet. Should a swimmer need special consideration in seeding, please send a note to the meet hosts separate from your entry file.

The 500, 1000 and 1650 Freestyle will be seeded fastest to slowest and alternate heat of girls and boys, the meet referee may combine heats of the distance events when possible.

SCRATCH PROCEDURESAn athlete is considered entered into an event unless he/she scratches from that event. If an athlete does not scratch from an event and does not swim the event, that event still counts toward the athlete’s total number of events for the meet


There will not be a penalty for an athlete who is seeded in an event and fails to compete (i.e., a “no show”). That event still counts toward the athlete’s total number of events for the meet.

TIME TRIALS Time trials will be offered between sessions on Saturday and Sunday as time permits. Swimmers must be 12 the first day of nationals to compete and entered in an individual event at the 2018 Zone meet. We will offer the national meet order of events (excluding the 1650). Time trials will be swum in the following order: 50 yard events, 100 yard events, 200 yard events, 200 yard relays. In the event that more than one heat is needed we will swim free, back, fly and breast – in that order. Girls and boys events will be combined and swum as a ‘mixed’ event. The fee will be $10.00 per individual event and $25.00 per relay. Swimmers must be entered in the meet to participate in time trials. Swimmer must be going for YMCA National qualifying time or re-swimming an entered Zone meet event. Swims in Time trials do not count towards the 3 Individual Events limit but only 1 Time Trial swim per day is allowed per swimmer. 


Each team’s coach will be responsible for maintaining a safe warm-up for their swimmers. An approved coach must be on deck and observing their swimmers at all times while their swimmers are in the water.

All warm-ups require feet first entry into the pool, except when starts are allowed. Sprint lanes are ONE WAY ONLY. Swimmers must exit at the turn end of the pool. Swimmers may not enter the water from the turn end of the pool.

A specific warm up schedule will be posted on the website the week of the meet. 

STARTS Depending on the number of entries and the meet schedule, 'Fly-over' starts may be used at this meet. If so, all swimmers (except for Backstroke starts) should remain in the water at the completion of their race until the next heat has begun. 


The Meet Referee reserves the right to dismiss any swimmer, coach and/or spectator from the competition due to inappropriate conduct.

  • Deck access is limited to only registered and approved coaches, swimmers, and working officials.
  • ·Except where the venue facilities require otherwise, changing, into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited. The USA Swimming Rulebook defines Deck Change as: Changing, in whole or in part, into or out of a swimsuit (excluding a drag suit) in an area other than a permanent or temporary locker room, bathroom, changing room or other space designated for changing purposes while at a practice, competition, or other pool-related activity.” This includes slipping off the top of a one-piece performance suit to place on an alternate bikini top immediately following a race.

  • · There is no shaving permitted on pool premises: this includes locker rooms and restrooms of the Natatorium.

  • ·  There is to be no use of oils for swimmer rubdowns.

  • ·  Glass containers of any kind are not permitted in the pool area or locker rooms.

  • ·  Coolers, noise makers and balloons are not permitted.

  • ·  Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

  • ·  Vandalism of any nature will be just cause for team disqualification.

  • ·  Teams are expected to police their team areas at the end of each session.

  • ·  All swimmers are required to wear some type of footwear when they leave the pool deck.

  • ·  A designated person shall be responsible for the supervision and conduct of their team members.

  • · Swimmers are not permitted on deck until a certified coach is on deck.

  • · Bleachers are available on deck for swimmers. No chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. are permitted on deck.

  • · Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changingareas, rest rooms or locker rooms- in accordance with USA Swimming Rule 202.4.6e

  • · Per Spire Institute policy, no outside food or beverage is permitted. 


$5 per person, per session.


$5.00 per Session.
Morning Session heat sheets will include Friday Night, and Saturday and Sunday mornings. Afternoon Session heat sheets will include Saturday and Sunday afternoons.


Spire Fuel, a full service restaurant/snack bar will be available throughout the meet.


Meet Apparel will be available throughout the meet.


We expect the spectator seating will be very crowded, especially at the beginning of the afternoon sessions. Please don’t save seats.


Swimmers and Spectators with special needs are encouraged to contact the meet director 30 days before the start of the meet if any special needs or accommodations are necessary. Email to make arrangements.


  • ·  No Flash Photography at the start of competition races.

  • ·  No personal chairs are allowed in the spectator area.

  • ·  Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Children are not allowed to roam the facility unattended. 

  • The use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

    Spectators are not permitted on deck.

    No smoking, drugs, or alcohol are permitted in the swimming complex.

    No outside food or beverage is permitted. 


      Spire Institute staff will handle all emergencies at the meet. These individuals will provide CPR and first aid as needed and will ensure that individuals with serious injuries are transported immediately to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Defibrillators will be on site.

      Any coach, athlete or official who recognizes an emergency situation should immediately inform the facility’s personnel and then make sure the vicinity of the emergency is clear for the emergency personnel to do their job.

      It is suggested that coaches carry medical release forms for any swimmer traveling without their parents. If your team has no certified coach to be on deck with the swimmer(s) please have a waiver indicating a certified coach that will be responsible for your swimmer(s).

      Any coach, athlete or official who recognizes an emergency situation should immediately inform the facility’s personnel and then make sure the vicinity of the emergency is clear for the emergency personnel to do their job. 

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    ParkingParking is $5.