2017 SEAL Swim Your Own Age

Jul 8, 2017 (03:00 AM) - Jul 9, 2017 (03:00 AM)
July, 1 2017


 Seals Swim Club
The Dennis Connolly (Summer) SWIM YOUR OWN AGE MEET
Davan Pool, 426 Bridge Street Westbrook, ME 04098
July 8 and 9, 2017

Held under the sanction of USA Swimming/Maine Swimming, Inc. # ME- 1617-0708-TT

Swim Your Own Age Summer 2017 *Schedule  Change*
Sessions #1 and #2 will be combined on Saturday, July 8th. 
Sessions #3 and #4 will be combined on Sunday, July 9th.
Warm-Ups start at 9am. Meet will start at 10:20am
Awards following Sunday's session. 


John Smith (Head Coach)      (207) 632-6379           sealscoach@sealsswimming.org
Bill Stone (Meet Director)       (207) 885-0002           wstone@scarboroughschools.org
John Bliss (Meet Referee)     (207) 797-9494            jmbliss8@msn.com
Bill Stone (Administrative Official)                          wstone@scarboroughschools.org               
Erik Schulz (Entry Chair)                                        sealsswimmeet@gmail.com
John Smith (Safety Monitor)                                   sealscoach@sealsswimming.org