Splash Into JO's

Apr 5, 2018 (11:00 PM) - Apr 6, 2018 (11:00 PM)
March, 28 2018



 The Splash into JO’s meet has two intended purposes: 


• To highlight novices and swimmers trying to make JO-qualifying times. 

• To serve as a tune-up meet for swimmers with JO-qualifying times 

• Older swimmers and those with JO times are encouraged to swim in the Open events. 

• Teams are encouraged fill the relays with non-JO swimmers. But if a team does not have enough swimmers to complete a relay, JO-qualified swimmers may participate. 

Meet Date & Site:        

  • Day 1, April 6th, Bartlett Pool, Warm-ups at 5:00p, Meet Starts at 6:00p
  • Day 2, April 7th, Bartlett Pool, Warm-ups at 8:00a, Meet Starts at 9:00a

Host:            Aurora Swim Team

Order of Events is included in the information.  Swimmers may enter a maximum of 5 events per day and 7 events over both days.  Relays will be construct by the coaches and will not count against the individual event count.

To determine Meet Fee Charges please refer to the chart below.

Meet Fees Chart; to be invoiced on your next montly statement and charged when the entries are processed.

# of Events Entered                  Amount Due

  1.                                       $17
  2.                                       $20
  3.                                       $23
  4.                                       $26
  5.                                       $29
  6.                                       $32
  7.                                       $35

For questions or for more information regarding this competition please contact Coach Cliff at coachcliff@nlscak.org or 277-7946.