2017 Fall PreComp

September 5, 2017 - November 17, 2017
November 17, 2017


PreComp Description

PreComp a technique-based learn-to-swim program that utilizes the combined core principals of the SwimAmerica Program and the NAC Competitive Team.  It is the ideal continuation of skill development for children who are currently enrolled in the SwimAmerica Program.

Instruction is geared toward the introduction of breaststroke and butterfly, alongside the further development of skills and strength in freestyle and backstroke. The goal is for swimmers to gain confidence, strength, and endurance through drills and kicking. PreComp will lay the foundation for competitive racing skills such as diving, turns, and streamlines.

To provide the best instruction for the swimmers, we cap each PreComp practice group. This ensures that we maximize every swimmer's opportunity to develop and grow as swimmers, while maintaining an ideal coach to swimmer ratio.

2017 Fall Session Details

Practice Group Options

Session Dates: September 5-November 17

Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Wednesday/Sunday
X 4:00-4:45p 5:00-5:45p
5:45-6:30p 5:00-5:45p X
PreComp Swim Meet: November 17

**No practice on 10/15, 10/31

Session Fees

Monday/Wednesday: $380

Tuesday/Thursday: $380

Wednesday/Sunday: $380

Swimmer Participation Requirements

Swimmers must either attend a NAC Placement Trial and be placed into the group OR have a recommendation from Gweyn Thomas, SwimAmerica Program Director, to register for PreComp.

Placement Trial Information

Sign up for a placement trial at SwimNAC.com > “Interested in joining NAC?” or contact Jessica Ralston, Developmental Coordinator at jralston@swimnac.com.

PreComp Registration

Spring SwimAmerica and returning PreComp participants have priority registration that will be available

July 5, 2017 @ www.SwimNAC.com

General Online Registration opens on July 12, 2017 @ www.SwimNAC.com

*SwimAmerica & new families will need to create a NAC account to register.

*PreComp registration does not cancel SwimAmerica registration.



2017 Fall Express Session Details

Practice Group Option

Wednesday @ 4:00-4:45p & Sunday @ 3:00-3:45p

Session Dates: October 4-November 17

**No practice on 10/15, 11/5

PreComp Swim Meet: November 17

Participation requirements: To be eligible for the Express PreComp, swimmers must come from the Septmbmer classes through NAC SwimAmerica and have approval from Gweyn Thomas or Ginny Maher, SwimAmerica coordinators. 

PreComp Registration

Express Fall registration begins September 7, 2017. 

*SwimAmerica & new families will need to create a NAC account to register.

*PreComp registration does not cancel SwimAmerica registration.


Jessica Ralston, Developmental Coordinator, jralston@swimnac.com




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