The Feed the Fire Meet

Feb 17, 2018 (02:00 AM) - Feb 18, 2018 (02:00 AM)
January 18, 2018
11/12, 13/14, 8 and under, 9/10, Coaches, senior



The warm-up and start times of the finals sessions have been moved up by 30 minutes.  Warm-ups 4:30 pm, meet start 5:30 pm.

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10 & Under Events - Top 8 Swimmers Compete in Finals 
11-12 Events – Top 16 Swimmers Compete in Finals 
13-14 Events – Top 16 Swimmers Compete in Finals


This is a prelim and final meet and as such we do enforce a scratch penalty:
Scratching From Finals: All swimmers competing in the preliminary heat of an individual event must notify the Official seated at the scratch table of their intention to scratch from the consolation or final heat of an event within 30 minutes of the announcement of the preliminary results for that event. If a swimmer is uncertain of his or her intention to scratch from finals, he or she may notify the Official within the 30 minutes of the announcement of preliminary results that he or she may be intending not to compete in finals. That swimmer must further declare his or her intention within 30 minutes following his or her last individual preliminary event of that day (failure to further so declare such final intentions shall be deemed a declaration of such swimmers’ intention to swim in the finals of such event). Swimmers must compete in all final races for which they have qualified unless final intention to scratch is declared. Failure to compete in a Consolation or Final race for which a swimmer has qualified will result in that swimmer being barred from the remainder of the meet. Exceptions for failure to compete may only be considered by the Meet Referee in accordance with ISI Rules. 

Hosted by Mavericks and Delta at Oswego East High School.

Maximum entry time is ISI regional time

This is a USA Swimming Sanctioned Novelty Meet with
competition in the following
non-standard age categories: 8 & Under, 10 & Under
, 11-12, and 13-14. There will be no 15 &
Over events. Events will be offered in the Prelims
/Finals format with the exception of the
following events, which will be conducted as Timed
Finals events: All 8 & under events, all
Relay events, 10 & Under 200 Freestyle and 200 IM,
11-12 200 Freestyle and 200 IM, and 13-14
500 Freestyle and 400 IM. Only swimmers who have a
chieved times slower than  Illinois
Swimming Regional Championship meet time as of , February 1, 2018 are eligible.
Swimmers who have achieved a  Illinois Swimming
Regional Championship meet time or
faster in a particular event are not eligible to sw
im that event. All 8 & Under maximum times
will be modified times.