Jul 26, 2018 - Jul 29, 2018
July 12, 2017


Meet Sheet:

Congratulations to qualifying BSC athletes:  Cole Ballard, Eden Chuang, Hayden Cutler, Parker Del Balso, Kenneth Kohn, Sammie Lee, and Sydney Niles.

Team warm-up will be on 8:00am on each day before prelims.  Finals, warm-ups will be  communicated by Pacific Swimming during the meet and announced when known.

Please see LETTER FROM 2018 MEET DIRECTOR which contains estimated timelines, tent set up, deck restrictions and other important information families should read before departing for the meet.

SMAC will be transporting one canopy to the meet which is intended primarily for use by the BSC athletes participating in this meet.  If an additional canopy is desired for parents and families, we will need volunteer(s) to transport the additional tent to and from the venue.  Please contact Coach Jim if you are interested in helping us transport a second canopy/tent.

NOTE:  In general, it's OK to arrive after team warm up's or later in the meet if that's what's best for your athlete.  BUT... BSC coaches always need our parents tuned in to what the MEET INFORMATION SHEET says and understand that our highest priority is swimming the events entered, which requires checking-in in time.

Please be aware that there are no-show penalties at this LSC Championship level meet.  Your athlete must show up for races which have been checked in for and finals you have not scratched out of before the deadline.  Failing to do so will result in a no-next-swim penalty(s) OR a financial penalty for no-shows at Sunday's finals.

Awards:  Prior year's precedent is that athletes pick up their awards.  Please be proactive about making sure your athlete receives their awrds.

Attention:  If you need to communicate with Coach Jim after 5pm on Wednesday 7/25 and through the duration of the meet please do not use email, please text Coach Jim instead .




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