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Fall Registration 2017

Jul 30, 2017 (03:00 AM) - Dec 31, 2017 (03:00 AM)
September 15, 2017



Fall Registration 2017

A Few Quick notes:

  • The New Parent Information Meeting will be held at the Ehrnfelt Recreation Center in Strongsville.  Tuesday, August 1st @ 7:00 P.M. in the Senior Center Ballroom.

Welcome to our Fall Registration


  • This process should be performed by Parents or Guardians.  Please follow all instructions during the registration process.  You will be asked to answer several questions.  Do so accurately.
  • New Swimmers can select "New Swimmer" as the registration group unless they are a High School age swimmer.  See more detail below.
  • If you are unsure of which practice group to select and you are a returning swimmer then please select the group you were in during your last session.  If you did not receive a notice for group change then assume there is not a change.  If we need to make adjustments to practice groups then the coaches will decide.
  • The senior group is for all High School aged swimmers.  
  • If your swimmer is likely to swim all year please consider selecting Full Year during this registration for the best savings.  This will not be adjusted if you sign up for Short Course now and then change your mind in May.
  • As you proceed through the registration be persistent.  Most issues are a result of the user not completing the registration till the very end.  You will know you are done when you receive an email confirming your success.

New Parents

  • Please select the practice facility nearest you.  Select the Strongsville location if you are a Strongsville resident only.  The   Ehrnfelt Recreation Center (Strongsville) requires that any swimmer practicing at their pool also maintain a current Rec Membership.  This applies to only the swimmers practicing at ERC.
  • The coaches have full determination over which practice group is the best fit for your swimmer.  During your swimmers first few practices the coaches will evaluate their ability and will instruct everyone as to which group your child will be in.  All New Age Group Swimmers (8th grade and younger) should show up for the scheduled Development Practices until such time as they are notified of a change by the coaches.  Most, if not all, of our new swimmers will remain in Development.
  • The only exception to the New Swimmer group selection is for High School Aged swimmers.  All HS aged swimmers will be in the Senior group.
  • We offer a two week long trial period for our New Members only at the start of the Fall practice schedule.  If you are seeking the trial then select New Swimmer.  If after that time you decide our program is not for you then you MUST notify the Treasurer of your intent by the end of the first two weeks of practice.  Your initial payment and your USA-Swimming registration can be refunded at that time.  
  • If you do not notify the Registrar and the Treasurer of your intent to not continue with the team within the first two weeks it will be assumed that you are staying with us.  
  • Try-Out: There is a certain amount of ability each swimmer must demonstrate.  It is possible that your young swimmer would be better served to have additional "learn-to-swim" instruction time prior to joining us.  The coaches will explain this to you if they feel it necessary.


  • If you are a USA-Swimming transfer swimmer then please complete the transfer form.  See the link below.  The easiest method to turn this in is to fill it out completely, then scan it back to me for processing.  A readable picture of the signed form will do as well.  

  • The coaches will help us to figure out the best practice group for all transfer swimmers.


The Kelly Kinney Memorial Splash Out Cancer Meet

Each year we host a meet the first weekend of November.  Each family is required to participate by volunteering for positions during the meet.  A job signup list will be made available in September.  The Deadline for signing up for a job is October 17th.  At that time we will begin assigning remaining positions.

When you see emails announcing job signup is open please do not delay in signing up.  Anyone can represent you for the meet.  This meet is always a big success as we have raised more than $100,000 towards local cancer research.  We would like everyone's help in our efforts.  

See the Volunteer Policy Agreement during the registration for more details.

Welcome again and If you have any question please email me. Given the size of our club and normal career obligations phone calls are discouraged.

Janis Truelsch, Registrar



Here is how the billing will work. Please take the time to read this and understand.

  1. When you register your child (or children) for the team you will be required to pay the $63 USA fee and $200 Initial Team Dues fee for each child by credit card. Your child (children) will not be registered for the team until the $263 per child payment is made.

  2. Everyone will be set up on the payment plan this year. If you want to pay the entire balance in full  please e-mail me and let me know. The payment plan for Development, Performance and Elite swimmers will be 1/4 of the remaining balance being due on October 1st , November 1st, December 1st and January 1st. So the first bill that you will receive will be on October 1st for 1/4 of your balance.  (plus any other charges on your account - meet fees etc...)

  3. For swimmers in the Senior group your balance will be split over two payments, October and November.

  4. On the 29th of each month, you will receive an e-mail invoice and statement for your account.

  5. If the required monthly payment is not received by the 21st of the month an automatic $25 late fee will be applied to the account.

  6. I will automatically apply Multi-Children Discounts to the October invoice.

  7. If you are applying for a Multi-Sports discount please be sure to send a written request to Team President Don Arslanian for consideration by the Board. Written requests to the board are the only way a multi-sports discount can be applied. Multi-Sport discounts apply towards school sponsored sports programs only.  Therefore they are limited to High School and Middle School athletes.

Meet dues will be applied towards your account when signing up for each meet and will need to be paid immediately by credit card only.







Full Year





Short Course





If you have any questions, please let me know.


Tom Newbould


Our Policy and Procedures lists additional information.  Other helpful links are below.

Transfer Form

How To Register

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