2018 FISH Long Course Derby Meet

May 5, 2018 - May 6, 2018
April 10, 2018



George Mason University - Aquatic and Fitness Center
4400 University Boulevard, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 (703) 993-3939


Individual events are $8.50 each + $10.00 surcharge per swimmer.

Derby Names:

In spirit of the Kentucky Derby, every swimmer is required to choose a “horse name” (and 2 alternate selections in case of duplicates). “Horse names” are limited to 16 characters including spaces. Each athlete’s “horse name” will be used on the digital scoreboard and by the meet announcer; all official final results will be recorded with the swimmers official name & USAS # at the conclusion of the meet.

If the meet director deems the supplied horse name inappropriate, another one will be assigned at random. At the discretion of the Meet Director, identical horse names from different teams may receive a roman numeral after their name.

Derby Caps
Entered athletes will receive a custom LC Derby cap in their team’s color. Each participating team will be assigned a specific cap color, different from all other teams. It is the expectation of Meet Management that each team will wear their custom team colored LC Derby caps during their races. Caps will be distributed to coaches (along with deck passes) upon arrival.



SAT & SUN Mornings (Session #1 & #4)
12 & Under Boys & Girls

6:30-7:50am Assigned Warm-up
7:15am Positive Check-In Closes
7:20am Officials Meeting
7:35am Lane Timers Meeting
7:50am Coaches Meeting (Sat only)
8:00am Competition Begins

Warm Up for 800m Free events will begin no
earlier than 12:00pm; positive check-in closes 30
minutes prior to the published start time.

SAT Afternoon (Session #3)
13 & Over Boys & Girls *

2:15-3:35pm Assigned Warm-up
3:00pm Positive Check-In Closes
3:05pm Officials Meeting
3:15pm Lane Timers Meeting
3:45pm Competition Begins

SUN Afternoon (Session #5)
13 & Over Boys & Girls *

12:00-1:20pm Assigned Warm-up
12:45pm Positive Check-In Closes
12:50pm Officials Meeting
1:05pm Lane Timers Meeting
1:30pm Competition Begins



Program of: