2018 Palmetto Spring Championships

Mar 23, 2018 (03:00 AM) - Mar 25, 2018 (03:00 AM)
March 12, 2018



1300 Wheat Street, Columbia SC 29210


Age is to be determined by the first day of the meet.
All swimmers and teams must be currently registered members of South Carolina Swimming and USA Swimming, Inc.
Swimmers may enter any event in which they do not have a Age Group Sectional or Senior Sectional (Spring) qualification cut.

Entry limit:
10 & under athletes may enter up to four (4) individual events and one relay per day.
11 & over athletes may enter up to three (4) individual events and one relay per day.
Teams may enter as many relays as desired. However, only one relay per team will score and receive awards.

Meet Format:

  • Any swimmer who is positively checked-in for an individual event and does not swim the event will be ineligible for his/her next individual event.

  • All relays will be deck seeded after positive check-in on the day of the relay.

  • All relays swim in prelims session.

  • Positive check-in will close thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the


  • All 11-12, 13-14, and Senior events, except those noted on the itinerary

    and below, will be contested as Preliminary/Final events.

  • All 10 & Under events will be conducted as Timed Finals during the

    afternoon Timed Finals sessions.

  • Following each 10 & Under event, the top ten (10) placing swimmers will

    be announced and asked to stand on the starting blocks according to their

    place of finish.

  • Finals: The number of heats in each event final is based on the number of

    entries, as follows:

o 1-16 entries – one heat of ten (8) in finals
o 17-32 entries – two heats of ten (8) in finals o 33+ entries – three heats of ten (8) in finals

  • Finals will be swum in this order: Bonus heat, then consolation heat, Championship heat.

  • The names of swimmers in each “A” Championship Final heat will be announced prior to the start of the event. The names of swimmers in the “B” consolation heats and any “C” bonus heats will be announced as they are in the water.

  • The 13-14 and Senior 500 Free and 400 IM are timed final events. The ten (8) fastest swimmers will swim during finals. The remaining heats will be swum during preliminaries, fast to slow alternating girls and boys.

  • All 11-12, 13-14, and Senior relays will be Timed Finals in the Preliminaries Sessions. 10 & Under relays will be conducted during the Timed Finals afternoon session.

  • Distance events are all events 400 yards or longer.

  • Each swimmer swimming in a distance event will be required to provide

    their own timer.

  • Swimmers must provide their own personnel to lap count for the 500 yard


  • Meet management reserves the right to adjust course breakdown and warm-up times based on number of entries. Meet Management also reserves the right to move an age group to another session based on the time line and number of entries. Meet management reserves the right to utilize two courses for competition for any events except finals.

  • Meet management reserves the right to insert breaks in the meet where necessary to allow athletes proper rest.

  • All entry fees must be paid before the meet begins. Late and deck entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the Meet Director and at double the event fee for empty lanes.


  • Warm-up procedures: Team lane assignments will be made for each

    session. All SCLSC and USA Swimming safety guidelines will be enforced.

  • The first 30 minutes of warm-up will be general warm-up for all teams. The last 25 minutes will be a specific warm-up period. Coaches will be provided a copy of the official warm-up procedures for SC Swimming. Lanes for general warm-up by team will be assigned for preliminary and timed final sessions. All SCLSC and USS safety guidelines will be enforced.