Wave Swim Team Tryout; Sunday, September 9, 6:00pm at the Juanita Aquatic Center

Sep 9, 2018 (06:00 PM) - Sep 9, 2018 (06:01 PM)
September 9, 2018



Due to limitations in our existing groups:

>This tryout is aimed at athletes age 10 and under who have been active in swimming lessons. Wave loves having young athletes 5-8 years old join the team if they are able to pass the tryout.


>Athletes 11 and older MUST have prior swim team experience in order to attend the tryout.


Doing a tryout is the first step in joining the team. This is a chance for the coach to see if the prospective swimmer is actually ready for swim team, and if so which level they will start at.


* Please note that Wave Aquatics is a competitive swim team. Practice attendance should be a consistent part of your weekly schedule and meet attendance is expected.


* Athlete placement into a group is based on their age and ability. The coaches are the only ones qualified to make that determination.


* Please note that not everyone who tries out makes the team. Wave has an open door policy and anyone not ready is encouraged to take any needed lessons and come back again for the next try out.


* Wave has limitations on space within our training groups, with very few opportunities for athletes who are 10 and older who don’t have prior swim team or athletic experience. These athletes will need to show good skills and speed in all four strokes in order to be considered for the year round team.


   *Athletes who do not pass the tryout are encouraged to remain in lessons or consider our competitive Water Polo team. You can find out more information about that at this link: https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=wpwawp


 You do not register to attend the tryout, just bring your suit, goggles and a bathing cap if needed.

The necessary steps to having your athlete become a member of Wave Aquatics and begin practicing are:

1-  Pass the tryout and be assigned a training group by a member of our coaching staff

2-  Attend the Swimming 101/Wave Way meeting

3-  Register online; from the home page www.waveaquatics.org on the left side of the page where it says Start Registration click on that to begin registering.





For information about the Meet Escrow Account:



For information about the Service Hours Policy:



For information about Fundraising:



Any swimmers who are transferring from another USA Swimming team must fill out an Athlete Transfer Form and mail it with a check to the PNS office:



For those who pass the tryout:

Swimming 101/The Wave Way; Required New Family Meeting

Monday, September 10, 7:30pm

Thinkspace in Redmond

8201 164th Ave NE #200

Redmond, WA 98052


Google Map Link:



This is a required meeting for families new to our team and is for parents only; please do not bring your children.

Athletes cannot attend practice without one or both of their parents attending this meeting. We take attendance at the meeting so we know who is ready to get started with the team.


There will be a variety of topics covered about the swim team, what to expect, important things to know, and what your role entails. The goal is to get everyone started off on the right foot.