Marianne Limpert Team Championships 2018

April 26, 2018 (05:00 PM) - April 29, 2018 (01:00 PM)
April 16, 2018


Marianne Limpert Team Championships

April 26 – 29 2018


Entries Due Today by 5 pm

Host: Natation Edmundston Swimming


Location: 55 du 15 août St, Edmundston


Meet Date: April 26 – 29, 2018. First warm-up Thursday, 5 pm. Please refer to meet package for full warm-up times. 


TIDE Entry Deadline: 5 pm, April 16, 2018.


TIDE Entry Fee: $80. Please place cheque, payable to, “SJFAC,” and permission form in labelled envelope, “MLTC,” in TIDE box by deadline date. No cash please. Your name will not be added to the meet list unless payment accompanies permission form.


TIDE Withdrawal Date: 2 pm, April 18, 2018. Last date to receive full refund of meet fee if unable to attend.


Standards: Swimmers must have achieved at least one (1) SNB 'B' standard.

Swimmers with one (or more) qualifying time may swim up to six (6) Individual events plus three (3) relays.

Entries to events 200m and above must be accompanied by proof of qualifying time (B standard -SNB).


Age Categories (Please Note): The age categories for Individual events are; 11 and under, 12 - 13, 14 - 15, 16 and over.

For Relays events the age group categories will be 12 and under, 13 - 14, 15 and over.


Officials: All officials are encouraged to participate as we will need everyone to run this meet properly. Officials wishing to participate and/or be evaluated please sign up with signup genius or click Here. Please state which club you are from.






MLTC Swim Cap