LMR Championships

Feb 17, 2018 - Feb 18, 2018
February 7, 2018
3c. Gold SSLC/GLFD - LMR,3d. Gold GLFD - LMR,4b. Junior Competitive LMR,5. Development,6. Senior Competitive,7a. Performance 6,7b. Performance 7,8a. High Performance Red,9b. Community Fitness Advanced - LMR ([* ALL Locations *])


LMR Championships - Richmond Watermania Pool

Meet Package (posted below)

11&U and 12&O sessions


All qualified LMR swimmers that meet the qualifying standard (see below)

Entry Standards

Swimmers must acheive entry standard for 200 IM. Please see page 1 of meet package (posted below).

Club Scratch Deadline

Friday Feb 9th

This is an non-SKSC hosted event.  Host club may require volunteers.  To check, please head down on deck to the host club's clerk of course.  Don't forget to fill out the volunteer point form afterwards!