2018 Kelly German Memorial

January 19, 2018 - January 21, 2018
December 28, 2017


Email your swimmer's lead coach if you have questions about this meet.

NAAC Competition Locations:

Friday Timed Finals @ Worthington
Saturday & Sunday Prelims @ Columbus Academy
Saturday & Sunday Finals @ Worthington

NAAC Warm-Up Schedule

Friday warm-ups 5:25-5:50 pm in Lane 6; meet starts at 6:00 pm
Saturday prelim warm-ups 7:20-7:40 am in Lanes 1-6; meet starts at 8:30 am
Sunday prelim warm-ups 8:00-8:20 am in Lanes 1-6; meet starts at 8:30 am
Saturday & Sunday finals warm-ups (below); meet starts at 6:00 pm
10 & Under warm-ups 4:40-5:00 pm
11-12 warm-up 5:00-5:25 pm
13-14 warm-ups 5:25-5:50 pm
Meet Notes:
  1. Psych sheets and warm-up assignments (with exact start times for prelims and finals) are posted below.
  2. All Friday night events AND ALL FINALS are at Worthington Pools.
  3. Saturday and Sunday Prelims for NAAC are at Columbus Academy
  4. The bullpen is for swimmers age 8 & Under only.
  5. There will be no finals for 8 & Under events. They swim in the morning session only.
  6. 100s and 200s: Top 6 swimmers (after scratches) from each pool come back for finals.
  7. 50s: Top 9 swimmers (after scratches) from each pool come back for finals.
  8. Please review the scratch procedure in the meet packet.
  9. Heat sheets are $10 for the weekend. They includes Friday timed finals and prelims for Saturday-Sunday. A pdf of the heat sheets for finals will be posted at by mid-afternoon on Saturday and Sunday (feel free to print at home). They will also be posted on the walls at the pool and available on meet mobile. They will not be available for purchase at the meet.


Meet Information: 

  1. Qualifying Time Standards: National BB Time Standards or faster for all events 200 yards and longer. No qualifying standards will be used for events 100 yards and shorter.
  2. Events will be swum slowest to fastest with the first heat of each event being comprised of the slowest times entered. 
  3. There will be no deck entries for this meet.
  4. Positive check-in will be required for the 500-yard Free and the 400-yard IM events on Friday evening. All other events will be pre-seeded for all sessions and will not be re-seeded on deck in the event of a scratch, except at the discretion of the on-deck referee.
  5. All 400 and 500-yard individual events will be deck seeded with the first heat comprised of the slowest times entered and the last heat comprised of the fastest times entered. Swimmers must check-in for deck-seeded events. Check-in for all deck-seeded events will close 45 minutes prior to the start of the session in which the even will be swum. 
  6. Qualifying for finals: The top six (6) swimmers (after scratches) from each location will qualify for finals for all events 100 yards and longer. The nine (9) swimmers (after scratches) from each location will qualify for finals for all 50 yards events. Swimmers will be seeded for finals by their swim times from the preliminary session, regardless of the location of the preliminary swim.
  7. There will be no alternate swimmers at finals after scratches have been announced. 


Kelly German NAAC Entries by name

Kelly German Event Schedule 1 page

Friday Timed Finals Psych Sheet

Saturday Prelims Psych Sheet

Sunday Prelim Psych Sheet

Warm-Up Schedule