2018 GCST Last Ditch

February 2, 2018 - February 4, 2018
January 2, 2018



Timing Help Needed

Even with our own folks being required to work may be shy timers in these Academy location preliminary sessions. As such, if you would like to help out and time we will pay you $25 for doing so and will keep you well fed and hydrated during that time. Please simply check in at our volunteer table as you enter the facilitY.



Please remember to park on the east side of our facility (baseball field) which is on the opposite side of the facility from the football field without exception. There is a lot on the west side of the facility but that is not to be used so that it remains clear for Academy functions as there will be SEVERAL of those going on this weekend. Again, no matter what there is to be no pick-up, drop-off or parking anywhere but the east side of the facility.


Seating & Rest Areas

Athlete/Parent Rest Areas – There is the large Barton Room for parents and athletes to set up in just past the inside double doors on your right as enter the facility. PLEASE KEEP A WALKWAY OPEN THRU THAT AREA if you would. You may also set up in the lobby there to the left of where you enter. Again, please keep a walkway available. There is a third area located at the base (very bottom) of those lobby stairs for you to relax as well.


Off-Limit Areas – The area in between the Academy basketball gyms on the lower level are off limits at all times during the course of the meet to meet participants or spectators.


Spectator Seating – This is available in the bleachers just above the pool. Please… no wet athletes should be in the stands. Also, please do not allow your athletes to put their bags, blankets and such in the stands as we need this for spectator seating.


No Heavy or Breakable Items In the First Two Rows of the Balcony Please – We’ve had instances of something being unintentionally dropped over the balcony edge in the past. Please… no items like this in the front two rows of the bleachers for the safety of all those on deck.


No Spectators On Deck – Please remember that only, coaches, meet personal and athletes are to be on deck at any USA Swimming sanctioned event.


Wheelchair Access – Anyone needing wheelchair access should contact their head coach, in advance, so that arrangements can be made with meet management for access to the venue.


Meet Operations

Flyover starts – We will use flyover starts for all events except the backstroke events.
Deck Entries – Deck entries are being taken for any event that has an open lane.
No Peanuts at the Pool – We’re running a peanut free environment to help ensure the safety of any competitors with peanut allergies so please do not bring peanuts/peanut products into the event. THANKS!

Clothing – Please bring plenty of towels & extra dry clothes to ensure that your athletes stay as warm as possible at all times as, even with the heat the facility has, it can get cold in hallways and such due to folks coming in and out of the meet.

Wrestling Mats In Athlete Area – Please remind your athlete’s that they are to remain off of the wrestling mats at all times.

Bull-Pen Area – Please be reminded that only athletes, coaches and bull-pen volunteers are to be inside the bull-pen at any time. Parents & spectators are to remain out of that area at all times to help us ensure athlete safety and efficient bull-pen operations. 8 & under swimmers and 9-10 swimmers, only, will have a bull-pen. All other swimmers are to report directly to the blocks.


Heat Sheet Sales

We will have the heat sheets for sale in the foyer as you enter into the facility from that east side parking lot. Heat sheets will be sold separately by session. Friday heat sheets will be $3 for that session. Heat sheets for all other sessions will be $4 to $5 apiece as we’ve not yet received the printing bill but this is normally what the range is for these.   



GCSTO Booster Club Concessions – We will have our concession stand set up in the athlete rest area (Academy’s Barton or Wrestling Room) with plenty of food and drinks to meet your needs on Saturday & Sunday.

I nkMyGraphic  will have t-shirts and other novelties (clothing and more) available at the meet on Saturday & Sunday.



NAAC Warm-up Assignments - updated 1-29-18
Friday Session
5:05-5:30 p.m. Warm-ups in Lanes 5 & 6
6:00 p.m. Meet starts
Saturday 10 & Under Session
7:55-8:15 a.m. Warm-ups in Lanes 4-6
8:35 a.m. Meet starts
Saturday 11 & Over Session
12:30-12:55 p.m. Warm-ups in Lanes 5 & 6
1:20 p.m.: Meet Starts
Sunday 10 & Under Session
7:15-7:35 a.m. Warm-ups in Lanes 4-6 
8:20 a.m. Meet starts 
Sunday 11 & Over Session
12:30-12:55 p.m. Warm-ups in Lanes 5 & 6
1:05 p.m. Meet Starts


warm-up assignments