Washington Open

Jan 11, 2018 - Jan 14, 2018
December, 13 2017



Qualifying Time Standards

Federal Way, WA

Coaches Permission

Team Hotel Block Info


1)       Events 400 & longer: we will run the 1000 free, 500 free, 400 IM, 1650 as fast to slow going two heats of women, than two heats of men. For example, heats 1 and 2 of women, heats 1 and 2 of men, heats 3 and 4 of women, heats 3 and 4 of men, etc.


These events will require swimmers to provide their own timers. If you have a struggle with the timing requirement, please let the Clerk of Course know.


The 1650 will be limited to 6 heats of each gender . The top 48 checked in swimmers will be seeded. Please have your swimmer check in if you want the opportunity for them to swim it even if they are not in the top 48.


2)   All events will be POSITIVE CHECK IN:Please see the timeline for specific check in

times. We will use rolling check in times to help keep the meet moving. Upon arrival at the meet, swimmers can check in for all their events of the day or continue to come back for each event. Please remind them, however, if they check in for all and then decide to scratch to please let the clerk of course know as soon as possible. Additionally, we will be VERY firm with the check in times. Please remind your athletes to get to the clerk of course for check in PRIOR to the deadline. We will allow check in the night before beginning with the start of finals.


Because of the rolling positive check in, we will NOT have a heat sheet available at the start of each session. As events get seeded, we will have heat sheets available for free on Meet Mobile. Coaches, swimmers, and parents can check heats on meet mobile for heats/lanes. We will also be posting in various locations around the pool and if you are a ‘paper’ person, we will also have some available at the clerk of course. Please pass on to parents that heat sheets will be available for free on meet mobile and not sold in the lobby.


3)   Relays: We did change the relays order for this year and all relays will be either swimming in prelims or finals (not split).   Relay check-ins are as follows:

         200 Free Relay: Friday, 7:45 AM (slow to fast, all girls then all boys at beginning of prelims)

         400 Medley Relay: Friday, noon (fast to slow, all girls then all boys at end of finals )

         200 Medley Relay: Saturday, 7:45 AM (slow to fast, all girls then all boys at beginning of prelims)

         800 Free Relay: Saturday, noon (fast to slow all girls then all boys at end of finals)

         400 Free Relay: Saturday noon (fast to slow, all girls then all boys at the end of prelims)



4)   Scratching from finals: if you know that your swimmers will not be swimming finals, please let the clerk of course know before the start of prelims so that we can mark them exhibition so they show up at the bottom of the results (the times still count). We want to have as full heats as possible and this helps the admin ref know to not to worry about your swimmer.


NOTE: The admin ref. will actively work to recruit swimmers up to 36 th place for swimming in finals. Please have your athletes scratch if they are 1st through 36th place if they are not planning on returning for finals. Athletes 36th-44th place should inform the clerk of course should they want to swim in finals. There may be empty lanes in finals


5)   Time trials: Due to the size of the meet, we will not be offering time trials in a separate session.


6)   Thursday warm-up/warm-down times:for those traveling to the meet, the pool will close 15 minutes after the last heat of 1000’s. There will only be 3 lanes available in the dive tank for warm-up/warm down after 7:30 PM.




Lastly, the session start times are listed below:





Washington Open Start times


Thursday: 4:30 PM warm-ups, event start at 6 PM




Friday Prelims: 7:10 AM warmups, events start at 9:00 AM




Friday Finals: 4:15 warm-up, events start at 5:30 PM


Saturday Prelims: 7:10 AM warm-ups, event start at 9:00 AM




Saturday Finals: 4:15 warm-up, events start at 5:30 PM




Sunday AM Prelims: 7:10 AM warm-up, meet starts at 9 AM




Sunday Finals: 4:30 warm-up, meet starts at 5:20 PM