Illinois Swimming Regional Championship

February 23, 2018 - February 25, 2018
February 16, 2018


  • Meet Fees are for the processing of entries and Illinois Swimming fees. Fees will be charged when a request to be entered into a swim meet is made, regardless of attendance. All members will be invoiced through the Chicago Park District.
  • Absolutely no entries will be made after the deadline.
  • MUST be Registered for the Chicago Park District Winter 2017
  • Please read the Meet Packet attached at the bottom of the page
  • Arrive 15min before check-in closes, No late check-in
  • NO PAST DUE FEES. Any account with fees for 2 or more meets will have the events rejected.

Athletes will be able to select attend. All athletes will be entered into as many events as they have qualified for. If you choose not to be entered for all qualified events you must indicate which events you would like to swim in the notes section of you commitment. 

$8.00   - per Entry
$16.00 - per Relay (relays will be sleceted from athletes attending in that session)
$2.00   - per Athlete Illinois Swimming surcharge

Entries are attached below




No more than 4 events per day; o more than 10 events the entire meet



Please double check birth dates. These qualifying times are based on the athlete’s age at “A” Meet. The age up date for Illinois Swimming is the first day of the meet 2/23. The age on the first day of the meet will determine the age of the swimmer. 




Shabbona Park


Abigail Tipan
Maja Staniszewski
Eduard Sharaxhija
Kacper Staniszewski
Christian Vivar
Daniel Galinski
Suzana Sharaxhija
Camila Bautista
Natalia Bautista
Rafael Munoz
Kristina Muharremaj
Emily Tipan

Harrison Park


Marlon Guaraca
Maya Garcia
Kimberly Acosta
Damian Garcia

Fosco Park


Biko Hooper-Haviland
Saul Guzman
Melissa Yu
Saul Guzman
Daphne Yu
Ruby Hodges
Eric Robey

Welles Park


Lizeth Montes
Ema Kelmendi
Sara Johnson
Alicia Montes


Ping Tom Park


Avery McDowell
Jonathan Mui
Ethan Feng



Eckhart Park


Anastacia Trice
Bianca Perez
McKenna Ellis-Garcia



McGuane Park


Bryana Zhang
Stephanie Hu


Kosciusko Park


Brayan Ruiz 
Angel Gonzalez


Independence Park


Shuhan Zhao 


Ridge Park


Kajus Rudzevicius
Grace Murphy


Portage Park


Christian Gonzalez


Piotrowski Park


Emmanuel Cisneros


Stanton Park


Ellery Wisnefski
Sophia Zhang


Senka Park


Ashley Roman


Fernwood  Park


Lauryn Hodges


Curie Park


Ricardo Marinez


Sheridan Park


Sonya Ko

Blackhawk Park


Noel Corral

Homan Square


Benjamin Morelock



Wentworth/Kennedy Park


Ricardo Rosales
Elisa Montes
Vincent Morawski
Emily Belcik







Friday PM: 4:30pm warm ups : 5:50pm check-in closes : 5:30pm Start

Saturday & Sunday AM: 7:30am warm ups : 7:50 check-in closes : 8:30am Start
Saturday & Sunday PM: 12:00pm warm ups : 12:20pm check-in closes : 1:00pm Start





Glenbrook North High School - 2300 Shermer Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062